Holy Shit ~ Can I not get a break!?

After being sick since like January I'd had enough. 

Coughing.  Aching.  Snotty. 

So early this morning I woke up coughing and hurting in my chest.  My head was pounding.  Time to visit a doctor.  Any doctor at this point.  Hell, I might even go to the local vets!!! 

I whipped out my handy dandy Blackberry and realized the local Urgent Care didn't open until 9 am.  Nope, couldn't wait that long. 

So, at 5 am I called my daddy to come get me and take me to the ER so that Superdad could stay home and tend to the babes. 

Since Lil O is still puny I took her along as well.  Might as well make this a multi-person sick visit since we'd be paying out the ass anyway.  We were taken back instantly to a room and given our gowns. 

After I was in my gown laying on the bed I noticed a pin size hole in my sock above my big toe on my right foot.  I began to obsess over the hole.  How did that happen?  Hmmm?  I wasn't worried about the open in the back hospital gown just the pin size hole above my big toe on my right foot.

It's weird how we pick something so ridiculous to obsess over when we are sick.

THEN!!!!  Here's the good part.

The doctor is examining us.  He's listening to my lungs when I go into a coughing fit.  A coughing fit that made me pass gas.  Not a silent gas either.  I farted.  A fart that could be heard.  I guess the pin size hole above my big toe in my right sock is a minor detail now, huh?

I'm used to the coughing and passing gas thing though.  Even coughing while wetting myself over the past week.  WE ALL know about how coughing and Tampons don't mix!!!


We both have a respiratory infection.  No pig flu or pneumonia.  We were given meds for coughing and were told to rest.

Does he know I have FOUR kids.  I laugh at the word REST!!!



well if it makes you feel any better i have a tooth absees/taken too many liquigels/puking so hard i peed on myself in the dentsit office/so much it splattered in the floor story - but i wont go into detail - LOL! Im glad you have a dx and meds now :) hope you feel better - and stay better soon!
Anonymous said…
If it makes you feel better, I work @ the hospital and passing gas is something we hear everyday of the week, that is mild to the things we see and hear! Hope you and your little girl feel better soon!
gypsy_jewels said…
We just had a good friend pass away from basically the same thing. No worries though, it was medical mistreatment and neglegence. When he went to the docs they diagnosed him with H1N1 and it wasn't....when he went into the hospital because he wasn't getting better they didn't even bother to make sure that was what he had. The infection got into his blood stream and he passed away in the hospital. It was awful. My husbands best friend of 15 year, 34 years old with a 10 year old daughter. :(

could have been treated with simple antibiotics.
Supermom said…
Renee ~ Oh, do tell me this story next time you are here!

Laurrell ~ LOL, Thanks babe. You made me feel a bit better about farting in front of the ER doctor. It could have been worse. I could have wet myself I suppose. :)

Gypsy ~ OMGoodness!!! I am so sorry for your loss. That's so tragic. I hope the family looks into taking things a step further for the mistreatment and negligence. :(

Thanks for all the comments. I'm up from a drug induced nap. I'm feeling a bit better. I have a peace of mind since I seen the doctor and know it's not pneumonia. That was my fear.

Maybe I can do some drug induced blogging the day or two for you. :)