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Hi, my name is Michelle and I have kidney stones.

I remember the first time I felt kidney stone pain.  Just like it was yesterday.  Even though it was 16 years and 1 month ago.  Not that I am counting or anything.

I was pregnant with H at the time.  Fat pregnant.  At first I thought I had food poisoning because I was so sick to my tummy.  My "food poisoning" pain turned into the most excruciating pain ever.


I cried.  I screamed.  I crawled on the floor.  I was throwing up.  After hours of this I ended up in the emergency room in the middle of the night.  Since I was very pregnant they rushed me to the OB part of the hospital.

~I knew it was not the baby.~

They hooked me up to every machine possible.  I think they asked me over a hundred times if I had fallen.  I kept telling them it wasn't the baby.  After they figured out that it wasn't the baby on their own they dosed me up on morphine.  A shot right in the hip.  They'd switch off hips when the pain returned.

I know I'm boring you so let me make this long story very short.

They finally figured out it was kidney stones.  I was taken by ambulance to another hospital across the street to have a basket taken up to my kidney to get the stones and a stint was put in from my kidney to my bladder.  After a full week in the hospital I was allowed to come home.  

They even mailed me an ambulance bill for the ride across the street a few days later.  Wasn't that nice of them?

Anyway, I know the pain of a kidney stone.  It comes from time to time and I will end up the ER to go through a routine I am all familiar with.  Pee in a cup which will show blood in my urine.  An IV with fluids.  Some sort of scan then pain medications.  Good pain medications.  Then I am usually sent home with something to catch my urine and strainers to catch the stone.  How exciting for me!??!??!?  I am the life of the par-tay.

I've gone through two urologists.  They have retired over time.  So, when I go to the doctor on Wednesday I get to meet a third doctor.  I get to tell him the kidney stone history.

Yes, I have changed my diet.  I've given up things I love, like coffee.  Did it help?  No, I still got kidney stones.

Yes, I've gone through tests.  What did they show?  That I have two healthy kidneys.

Oh well, I'll be glad when Wednesday rolls around.


Let's think of something in our house that spoils us.  It would be a bitch if we lost it.

I'll go first:

My Dishwasher.  No, I'm not talking about the kids.

I love my dishwasher.  It makes living in a house with six people so doable!


My dishwasher and Dora Freak.  They both begin with "D".  The letter of the day can be "D".

Week in Review.

Kidney stones, finally going to the urologist.
I love cotton yarn.
Baby M wants ninny and makes recording difficult.
Saturday School again.  Snow day should have been a school day.  They need someone else in charge.
Thanks for visiting The Adventures of Supermom.

My Teenage Daughter Reads My Blog

I always knew this but I never gave it much thought.

We have a very open house.  Everyone speaks their mind.  We like it this way.  You know where you stand in this house.

I have no secrets in my blog.  Hormonal teenager knows everything that I talk about.  She even gives me some great material to blog about!  HA HA!!  Remember the "Say No To Head" campaign?

I blog about how wonderful she is and I blog when she gets on my nerves.  Isn't that what a blog is about.  Being brutally honest with yourself and your readers?

I just know that my daughter is proud of me and my blog.  I think she is.  :)

Even from time to time she will comment and make a guest appearance

I guess my point is I don't blog about anything that I don't want any of my kids to read about.  I'm not ashamed of anything I blog about and I'm proud of my blog.

Can you say the same thing about your blog?  Do you think about what your kids may read one day?

Just something to think about.

A Day in My Life ~ February 25, 2010

I was given some great advice from my friend about making a photo box to shoot my pictures for ETSY.  So, I played around with it today.  I even made up a logo and added to the pictures.  So, tell me what you think.

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Only Ollie on ETSY

Sorry there were so many.  I now know my mistakes and what to change when I take my next pictures!!  

Superdad made me feel all weird last night.

Not a good kind of weird either!

He is a Lost freak.  I can honestly say it's in his top three favorite TV shows EVER!!!!!  EVER!!!!!!

Right honey?

I used to watch it with him.  Up until they said there was going to be three more seasons.  So, I gave it up.  I didn't want to invest three more seasons to a TV show.  Life is to short for me.  I do have four kids after all and a home to take care of.  Not to mention I have crocheting to do!!!  You have to set some priorities.  HA HA!

So, last night he is getting his Lost fix.  ~smacking my arm~  I'm working on a Sudoku puzzle in the chair.  He's like, "This doesn't interest you at all does it?"


He said it in a way that just made me feel not normal.  Like I was crazy for not being a Lost groupie.  He really did.

Yeah, I liked the Desmond and Penny love story.  I got over it though.  Just like I got over Grey's Anatomy and Big Love.  I no longer watch them as of this season.  I can go online and read a synopsis in 10 minutes and save myself an hour of sitting on the couch turning into mush.

Maybe I'm just weird like that.  Who knows.

Speaking of my crocheting.  I love cotton yarn!  I found a local yarn company, local as in about 45 minutes away, that sells the best cotton yarn.  I was able to talk to them and now I'm getting 25 % off my orders!  I LOVE to buy locally and I love cotton yarn!!!!!!!  I just placed an order and I am so thrilled.  I cannot wait to touch it when I get it next week.

Buy local!  All the cool kids do it!

Supermom is now taking cotton yarn donations.

Really, I am.  Just send all your cotton yarn to me and no one will get hurt!  I can give you an address to mail it to.  I'm not joking.

I'm totally hooked on crocheting the Tea for Two sets!  TOTALLY!!!!!  Reminds me on the crazy cat lady minus the cats, just picture yarn all over the place.  I am sure it could be worse.

Things around here are the same.  Baby M is cussing.  Lil O is perfecting her "Stop, drop and cry" routine.  It's driving me crazy!  If something doesn't go her way you hear a THUD!!!!   TWITCH!!!!

Hormonal teenage really pissed me off Sunday night.  She comes home from her dads house with a box of hair dye.  She asked me to do it for her but I told her I didn't feel well and we'd do it Monday.  That wasn't good enough.  Since she was only thinking of herself and not her sick mother she decides to do it by herself. 

I could have physically hurt her she had me so upset.  She got dye all over the floor, walls and TWO OF MY GOOD TOWELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was furious to say the least.  I fussed and fussed then I went to my room to cool down and put up laundry.  I heard her crying from the hall bathroom but I was being such a hard ass I ignored it.  Apparently something went wrong and her hair wasn't the color on the box.  It was a dark brown almost black.  Superdad had to be sympathetic because I sure wasn't going to be.  After I had put up the laundry and cooled down I came out of hiding.

I found her in the bathroom floor just crying about how her hair was messed up and looked awful.  All I could say was, "It'll wash out over time."  Yes, I was punishing her for her earlier behavior.  Superdad played the sympathetic parent role and he did a wonderful job.  I was too busy trying not to laugh and belt out, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Later on when she was in bed reading I went in and made peace with her.  Her hair doesn't look that bad.  It will wash out.  I would like to hope she learned a valuable lesson over all this but she didn't.

Teenagers think they know every single thing!!  Drives me crazy!

B2 is working on a school project about the Wright Brothers.  I think that is cool because we were able to see their exhibit at the museum when we went to Washington DC.  I told him he could use some of our trip pictures!

OH OH OH OH !!!!!  I want to share some exciting news.  I had to get special security clearance before I could blog about this.  Remember I told you about someone being pregnant????!!!?!??!

I'm so happy for this couple!!!  THRILLED!!!!!!!!!  They are going to make wonderful parents!  I get to be an Auntie again!!!!!  I get all teary eyed just thinking about the blessing they have been given.  That's going to be one special baby to have them as parents!!!  Drum roll please.......

MJ and her handsome husband are going to be parents this year!!!!!!!!

MJ + R

This is MJ when she came to my 35th birthday party at Chuch E Cheese.  When I had hair!!!!

Supermom at Chuck E Cheese

I am so happy for my best friend!  She is an awesome woman and I know she will make an awesome mommy!

Baby Ears are listening.

I gave Baby M my old business cards to play with the other day.

So, today in the living room she's throwing up about 100 of the cards in the air to watch them fall all around her.

Then she says, "Oh, shit."

Yes, she got that from me.

I'm so proud.

Baby M

A letter to my body.

Dear Body,

How ya doin'?  Enjoying these pain meds?  I hope so!  Sorry they are making you constipated.  I will just take ANOTHER pill for that.  What's a few more pills to add to my day!?!  I was being sarcastic just in case you didn't catch that.

Why are you torturing me with another kidney stone?  Are you angry that you'll be 36 this year?  I'm sorry but there's not much I can do about that.  Trust me, I don't like it either.

But why another kidney stone now?

Are you trying to stop the excessive coffee drinking?  My cold beer?  My crazy wild Supermom lifestyle???   Yeah, that's funny.  The only crazy part of my life is deciding to put on clothes or clean pj's after my bath. 

Well, stop it!!!!!  I don't have time to be medicated.  There are things I need to do!  Like DRIVE!!!  I cannot drive when I take those white pills.  I cannot even really keep count when I crochet either.  HA HA!!  My friend, MONICA, just laughs at me over the phone when we are trying to have a conversation.

So, I just walk around in a purple haze trying to feel better.  Pass the stone ALREADY!!  So, I can get back to my life.  You know, the one where I take care of my kids and husband and such.  I need that.

Well, the meds just kicked in as you can tell.  Go rest and we'll finish this discussion later.


Week in Review.

Someone dropped the camera so I'm using my Blackberry to video this week.

I've been in the Emergency Room again, imagine that.  I have kidney stones.  Waiting.

Snow has made the kids miss school so now they have Saturday school tomorrow.

Tea for Two by Only Ollie on ETSY.

That's all I got.

A Day in My Life ~ February 17, 2010

You'll never believe this BUT I was in the ER again last night until after 2 am this morning.  I have kidney stones.  The picture below is me medicated and bored about 1 am.

A Day in My Life.  February 17, 2010

I'm going to start wearing these all the time to start a new trend.

A Day in My Life.  February 17, 2010

At least they sent me home with good medication.

A Day in My Life.  February 17, 2010

An awesome super fabulous COFFEE CUP given to me by my cousin!!!!!  Isn't this just FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love it!

A Day in My Life.  February 17, 2010

A rose in my Valentine's flowers from Superdad.

A Day in My Life.  February 17, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Hello Supermom junkies!!!  How are you???????  Sorry I have been MIA for the past week or two or even three.  It happens.  Well, I've been sick and such.  Then I really haven't had anything breaking to blog about.

We've had lots of snow here in my town.  The kids have missed so much school that they will be having Saturday school to make up some days.  They've already made most teacher work days, school days so now Saturday school it is.  I don't recall ever having Saturday school before.  Not even when I was in school I don't believe.

My life has settled down a bit since The Jungle Book is over for Lil O.  No more two times a week practice that has me running all over town.  Sadly, Lil O missed the first show because she was sick that Friday night.  Then there were two shows on Saturday that she was a part of.  She sort of moped around the house which made us think she was nervous about the show.  More nervous than sick.  She really didn't looked pleased to be on stage and was sort of in the back.  We chalked it up to nerves.  I told my family, "Well, I don't have to worry about Lil O running off to Hollywood."  Then if you remember early Sunday morning like 5 am we ended up in the Emergency Room.  So, Lil O was really sick and not so much nervous about the show.  I am sure it was a little of both.

Asheville Arts Center ~ The Jungle Book

Isn't she adorable??????????

I've been on a yarn craze making play tea sets to sell on ETSY!  I am in love with these lil sets!!!!!

Crocheted Sweets Only Ollie on ETSY

I really enjoy making them and I hope that people will start to buy them because they are perfect for playing!  Lil O and Baby M have their play kitchen full of them!!!!!  Maybe I can put them in a craft fair or something.

Okay, must go find more coffee....

Happy Valentine's Day!

I crocheted these beauties for my family for Valentine's Day!
I hope you have a fabulous day with your family and friends.

This is how Facebook sends Valentine's.

Everyone has been changing their Facebook status to a picture of them with their sweetie and making their status about them.  Here's what mine says:

We had our first date December 1, 2002. Became engaged December 31, 2003. We were married May 30, 2004. Celebrated the birth of our honeymoon baby March 11, 2005. As our family grew on April 15, 2008 we were so ridiculously happy. You have been a wonderful husband, loving step-dad and amazing father. Happy Valentine's Day to my husband who holds the key to my heart.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Michelle ♥ 's Barry ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Feel free to comment below about your Valentine's Sweetie.

Week in Review.

Supermom is still sick.  Go figure.  No, I'm not wearing a bra.  Sorry about that.

Report cards came out.  Great grades for both kids!

Only Ollie and crocheting.

Happy Valentine's Day

Yeah, about that. Ummmm, NO!

Hormonal Teenager ~ "Mom, I need panties. Can you buy me these?"

-holds up two pieces of fabric that are supposed to resemble two pairs of panties-

Supermom ~ "I'm not buying those. If you need panties go pick out some cotton ones."

Needless to say she didn't pick any out for me to buy.

Kids do the darndest things.

I'd like my Blizzard with Heath Bars please.

I've feeling much better, let me knock on the desk since I have typed that out loud for you to read. 

They closed down our town yesterday due to a blizzard threat.  We didn't get one though.  I kind of feel like they just teased us.  When they threaten a blizzard and let the kids out of school early then we damn well better get a blizzard.

I've been crocheting up a storm!!!!!  After the giveaway I will be adding sets to Only Ollie on ETSY.  Here's a sneak peak for you.

Crocheted Sweets Only Ollie on ETSY

Crocheted Sweets Only Ollie on ETSY

Crocheted Sweets Only Ollie on ETSY

I am totally hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, they canceled school today so I must entertain these four little people that call me Mommy.

Holy Shit ~ Can I not get a break!?

After being sick since like January I'd had enough. 

Coughing.  Aching.  Snotty. 

So early this morning I woke up coughing and hurting in my chest.  My head was pounding.  Time to visit a doctor.  Any doctor at this point.  Hell, I might even go to the local vets!!! 

I whipped out my handy dandy Blackberry and realized the local Urgent Care didn't open until 9 am.  Nope, couldn't wait that long. 

So, at 5 am I called my daddy to come get me and take me to the ER so that Superdad could stay home and tend to the babes. 

Since Lil O is still puny I took her along as well.  Might as well make this a multi-person sick visit since we'd be paying out the ass anyway.  We were taken back instantly to a room and given our gowns. 

After I was in my gown laying on the bed I noticed a pin size hole in my sock above my big toe on my right foot.  I began to obsess over the hole.  How did that happen?  Hmmm?  I wasn't worried about the open in the back hospital gown just the pin size hole above my big toe on my right foot.

It's weird how we pick something so ridiculous to obsess over when we are sick.

THEN!!!!  Here's the good part.

The doctor is examining us.  He's listening to my lungs when I go into a coughing fit.  A coughing fit that made me pass gas.  Not a silent gas either.  I farted.  A fart that could be heard.  I guess the pin size hole above my big toe in my right sock is a minor detail now, huh?

I'm used to the coughing and passing gas thing though.  Even coughing while wetting myself over the past week.  WE ALL know about how coughing and Tampons don't mix!!!


We both have a respiratory infection.  No pig flu or pneumonia.  We were given meds for coughing and were told to rest.

Does he know I have FOUR kids.  I laugh at the word REST!!!


Week in Review.


Supermom is sick again.  Snow and sleet in Asheville.  The Jungle Book Show must go on at the Asheville Arts Center.

Baby M grabs the scissors.

Did I mention I am sick?

It's cold and the weather is crap!  Someone just come and hold me please.

A Day in My Life ~ February 4, 2010

Last night as I was on my death bed (COUCH) sick and coughing with tissue stuffed up my nose because it was a constant stream of snot I thought I would do A Day in My Life today.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?

Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie

Yummy Cakes.

Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie

Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie


Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie


Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie

Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie

Sweet Treat Tray.

Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie


Crocheted Tea Set at Only Ollie

I am working on putting together some children's tea sets for my ETSY shop Only Ollie.  Email me if you want a custom color set and we'll talk.

Blast from the past

I thought I'd share this while Supermom wasn't looking. You don't think she'd mind, do you?
Note the amazing hair. And the shirt! Well, she was young.
-Superdad signing off


Supermom here.  When we were laughing at my pictures last night I remembered a picture taken at my 35 birthday party and we compared them.

I really am blessed. How did I get so lucky?

Time for a guest blog.  This is from my friend Anna.  You remember Anna.  She's the Scrabble playing freak who writes with a BIG PENCIL!!!!

Let me tell you some things about my friend, Michelle, aka Supermom. At one time, I knew her only as "Barry's wife". Then, out of the goodness of her heart, she reached out to me in friendship. She is just that kind of person! The saying, "Never met a stranger" was coined for Michelle. She is generous, kind-hearted, endlessly patient, loving, trusting, trustworthy, funny, smart, gorgeous, pragmatic, romantic, open-minded, steadfast, the best caregiver, and a slew of other positive adjectives that I can't think of right now. I know with complete security that if I tell her something deeply personal, she will keep my confidence and advise me intelligently. She is secure in her own viewpoint, yet never judges. It's safe to say that when I started spending time with Michelle, I fell in love with her. I look forward to seeing her with tremendous anticipation. We don't get to hang out together as much as we used to since I started working away from home, and I miss her terribly. I hate it when she hurts. I feel very protective toward her. Let that be a warning to anyone who hurts her. You know who you are. Anyway, if I sound like a giddy schoolgirl, it's only because I am grateful and joyous that I have had the opportunity to meet and make friends with such a wonderful human being. Long live Supermom!

This made me cry!  I didn't think friends were allowed to do that?!??!?  Thank you Anna.  I am glad we are friends!

Out of the mouth of babes.

Lil O ~ You want a baby boy?

Supermom ~ puzzled look "Yes."

Lil O ~ Ask daddy. Maybe he will surprise you.

Yeah, I'm guessing she thinks we have to purchase them at the baby getting store.

More isn't always better.

I've been thinking about blogging about this from time to time but then never get around to it.

Bigger isn't always better.  More isn't always better.  I'm speaking in terms of personal belongings.  Like your house and possesions.  Things that you acquire thinking you have to have or you will not be complete.

We live in a modest sized house.  Yet, we have outgrown our house with all these youngin's.  There is ZERO privacy in this house.  Just ask Superdad.

We often get asked about getting a bigger house because we have run out of room.  Sure, that would be nice.  But it's not needed.  We are very happy with the home we have built together.  It couldn't be in a better location in our town.  We are close to everything.

A bigger house just means a bigger place for me to clean.  More furniture to buy.  More money to heat.  More money to cool.  More taxes to pay.  Did I mention, "More for me to clean?"

I just don't see it as a necessity.  Having a bigger house isn't going to make us happier.  You have to be happy with what you have.  We are. 

I have never been one to save or collect things.  I don't even have a yearbook from high school.  Let alone a secret stash of porcelain dolls.  I have a place in the hall closet for craft things.  Just a place to store my yarn, fabric and other assorted craft things.  It shares space with the kids board games and coloring supplies.  The other hall closet has Superdad's books and magazines.  Only a small portion of them because the rest are boxed up in the basement for when we have a toy free wall to build some bookshelves.

Our basement has the washer and dryer.  Boxed up magazines and books.  Christmas decorations.  Easter Decorations.  Other holiday decorations.  Toys that have been outgrown or toys that are no longer played with.  Then there are three pinball machines that Superdad is tinkering with.  And right now we are overflowing with recyclables because they haven't been taken to the drop-off in a week or two, or even three.

I could very well go through my house and get rid of so many things.  I could live off the bare minimum.

Just so I have a warm bed, food to eat and my family around me.  Plus some yarn and my Blackberry.  Oh, and cold beer.  I don't require much and I don't have to acquire much either.

I never understood the need to have all this stuff.  So much stuff you had to pay for storage.  Yeah, I think that is silly.  If it doesn't fit in the house you live in then you don't need it.

How much do you live with?

Today is HER birthday!

I'm talking about my friend Renee of Candy Stick Lane!!!!!!!

Since she is a cupcake freak I made her these:


Then I made her these:

Crocheted Cupcakes

Renee is a Facebook love story.  Girl meets girl she went to school with.  They friend each other.  The talk to each other.  They hang out together!  They now love each other.

What TV Mom reminds you of yourself?

Let's have some fun this Monday morning!  I want you to comment and tell me what TV Mom reminds you of yourself!

I am a huge Malcolm in the Middle fan.  Lois reminds me of myself!  I can totally relate to having all those kids and the situations I find myself in at times.

Yep, I can totally relate to this picture.  Husband reading and in his own world.  Kids acting crazy as I YELL raise my voice!!!!  ~nodding~  Just imagine a family picture of us in same scenario.  

And yet again I could totally see this happening to my family.  Not that I would camp in the wilderness to begin with but I'm sure it would be entertaining!!!  I would be trying to grill out, H would be trying to get a cell signal, B would be trying to start a fire, Lil O would be trying to pet a skunk as Baby M is eating her crayons.  Superdad would be playing with his GPS trying to plan out the adventures for the trip.


I am very proud to be able to say I have four great wonderful children.  Our house is very loud at times.  Our house can be quiet at times.  Mostly loud.  The one thing our house is full of  is LOVE.  We have each other in good times and trying times.  We celebrate holidays and birthdays together.  We are very blessed to have each other they way we do.  

So, at times I am like Lois from Malcolm in the Middle.  I don't mind though.  My kids know how much I love them and would do anything for them.  They know they are able to come and talk to me about anything.

Last night I told Superdad, "I figure we can start trying in November - December to get pregnant."  He isn't on board yet.  But I know he will be.  We both want another baby.  We'd both like a boy.  A Lil Superdad around the house would be great FUN!