Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yes, I am Supermom.

At times I wonder if anyone pays this blog any attention.  Am I really just talking to myself?  I know that comments have dropped the past few weeks.  It makes a person begin to think, "Am I wasting my time?"

Then out of the blue something really cool happens!!!!!!!!!

Someone recognizes your picture on Facebook and sends you a message.  A message that makes it all better.

"You're SUPERMOM!!!!!!  We love your blogs!"

(It went something like that.)

I guess having the same picture on Facebook and my blog is a good thing after all.

I want to thank my readers for coming by and reading The Adventures of Supermom.  I hope that I make your day a bit brighter as you think, "Thank GOD I am not in her shoes!"

Feel free to email me!!  I love getting mail.  You can reach me at iheartsupermom (at) AOL (dot) com

~sniff~  You really do love me!!!
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