Wow, that was quick.

I'm sick.  Flu sick.  Fever, chills, earaches, throat and my back is killing me.  I took a shot of electric blue Tylenol Cold meds and have been sleeping on and off on my couch all morning.

I sent this SOS to Superdad,

"Craving Nutella, Cinnamon Graham Crackers and Orange Sunkist.  Yes, I am sick."

He's the best because all three of those are in the kitchen now.  PLUS, he brought home some sweet potato bisque soup.

MUMBLING!!!!!!!!!  I don't wanna be reference to an episode of Seinfeld where Jerry says, "I don't wanna be a cowboy."


guurrrl said…
Oh NO!!! I hope that you feel better soon. When I'm sick I practically overdose on ginger.
Anna said…
I hope you feel better soon!
Supermom said…

Hold me?
Mrs Furious said…
Oh I'm sorry. I was going to call and see if we could stop over today since I finally don't have any extra kids... bummer!
Kelly said…
Oh no! Feel better soon!! Superdad really is super!!
Supermom said…
Mrs F ~ Yeah, you don't want to be in on this fun!!!!

I feel like total SHIT!!!! Today I have 2 goals. 1 - To take a much needed bath and 2 - Brush my teeth.

Kelly ~ Yes, he can be at times. lol