What you talkin bout Willis?

This morning the phone ringing at 6 AM woke me up from a very disturbing dream.  The call was telling me that there was a two hour delay for our area.  Then about TWO hours later we hear school has been canceled all together.

Looks like we might actually have a real Winter.  It's COLD here!!!  SO cold I bet your snot would make icicles if you had a runny nose.

We may even get more snow Thursday and Friday.

I LOVE WINTER!!!!  Just please please let us keep power!  At least FOR HOT COFFEE and to keep the kids warm of course.  Mostly the coffee part though.  I'd hate to go all postal for not having hot coffee.

I'm just sayin'....


guurrrl said…
Toooo funny!!!! But seriously we were without power for two storms last year...the first a wind storm in the summer with no power for a week! It was SOOOO hot...then a few months later we had an ice storm and were without power for almost 2 weeks! I was talking to a friend a few minutes ago who is in HAWAII...I told him we were expecting snow here in Kentucky on Wed/Thursday. He sounded excited that I may get to spend a few days home. I would like to see some snow....as long as it means that I can keep power and continue to enjoy feeling my toes and fingers!!!
Mary said…
Haha your a riot. I did not know that snow was and cold weather were so bad there. You have weather that is much like our winters in DE. Hope the electric stays on. Today is cold and windy again here. Thank goodness my kids are not school age any more.
Do not have to worry about school being canceled.