Week in Review.

I'm sick. Still...

They called for the pre-hospital phone interview about health history.  They actually asked me if Baby M was potty trained.  WTF??  Who do they think I am, Supermom?  Yeah, I know she is 20 months old but still.

Okay, after I go take Baby M to her pre-dental physical I am hitting Target.  So watch out!  Supermom is out of the house!!!

Drum roll...............  Enjoy:

Week in Review. Supermom is SICK! Taking Baby M to her pre-dental physical. Surgery on Tuesday. I'm actually dressed and not holding the couch down.

Yeah, I'm already home now. I've taken my meds and going to retire to my couch.


She is not even two, good lord, they must think you have so much time on your hands. Most parents do not even start potty training until age 2.
Mary said…
Mine girls were trained right after their second birthdays.
Hope your feeling better soon.
Lil O costume is cute your so crafty.
I love the tylenol blue cough /flu medication. WHne you get a bad coughing spell try to drink some gingergale something magical in that breaks the spasm. Feel better real soon and God be with Baby M during her surg.
Melissa said…
M will be in my thoughts and prayers Tuesday! Bless her heart and yours. I hope all goes well for y'all!
Supermom said…
Thanks!!!!!! I'll let you know how it goes.