This is where Superdad takes over the blog:

Supermom is still feeling less than super. She has been sidelined with flu-like symptoms since last Monday. And she doesn't like it. Not one bit. And she says so. Often.
As befits her title she's not usually one to complain. I think I mentioned in a previous guest post that since I've known her Supermom has had two (more) children and twice as many kidney stones. Did she complain? Nope.
It seems Supermom has met her match though.
Perhaps this is for all the times I've heard her talk about how bad men are as patients when they're sick. I'll admit I'm not the best patient in the world but I'm certainly not the worst either.
So I've tried to be understanding. Everybody needs a little help some time.
Get well soon, Supe. Bitching is not your forte. Leave it to the professionals.


Kelly said…
Hugs! I hope you feel better soon!!
Get well Supermom and stop trying to do everything especially when on days like this!
Supermom said…
Thanks Superdad!!! I knew I could count on you to tell it like it is.

I'm sorry I'm a crap patient.

I <3 You!