Supermom plays Weather Girl.

Do you see what I am dealing with???

Snow and EXTREMELY COLD temps!!!!!!!  I also can predict that there will be no school tomorrow.  I can also bet my game night will be canceled as well.  GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was planning on the girls to come over to hang out and enjoy beer and SCRABBLE.  We know how to party!!  We really do.  I was even going to get the big pencil out to keep score.

I have a migraine today.  I broke down and took my meds.  It has helped some.  I really want to crawl in bed to sleep it off but I am unable to because I have these two critters walking around that call me mom.

I hope you have a lovely afternoon and you can look forward to my Week in Review tomorrow.


rachel... said…
I am anticipating a snow day, tomorrow, too. Ugh.

I hope you're feeling much better soon!
Mary said…
that beautiful weather is ooming to delaware thanks for the fore warning. Love that your the weather gal
Stacy said…
I feel sure we will have a snow day tomorrow. My son is worried about being in school all summer. I'm just hoping we don't lose power this time. Hope your headache gets better!