Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Save the Bush!!

This may be NSFW!!!!  YEAH!!!!  I am actually typing up a blog that may or may not be suitable for work.  There are no naughty pictures so it may be okay if you read really fast!!!!  Like speed read as you scroll!!!!

I have been debating on blogging about this because I sort of guess this is a family blog.  I do occasionally talk about sex or the lack of sex in the Supermom house.  I do have a campaign "Say NO to Head" for teenage girls though.  Hmmmmm.....

Maybe I shouldn't blog about this after all.

What the hell!!!  Feel free to join in if you want. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOOOOOOO!!!!!

First, I blame HIM.  He started this whole thing!  LOL  Technically I don't know Mikey.  We met after he commented on my homemade bread one day!  You may call him Michael!  I was reading my bookmarks and came across a recent post of his.  I HAD to give my two cents. (Mikey and his wife are having a lil baby soon so send him lots of good wishes!)

I remember looking at my dads and papaws old Playboy's from many many years ago.  When they had REAL women in them.  No fake airbrushed women with plastic boobies.  No offense there to anyone reading.

What's wrong with showing a woman for who she is????  A few extra pounds!!  SO WHAT!!  I'd rather see a woman with a few extra pounds than a woman that could eat a few burgers!!!!  So what if she has small breasts!!  They look more natural than those fake things that are all around.  Again, no offense.

I am a very secure woman and don't mind how my body looks after four children.  Yes, I wish I had that 18 year old body back that could actually wear a bikini and look smokin' HOT.  SHRUG!!  It's okay that I have a few, okay A LOT, of stretch marks.  It's okay that I have a few extra pounds from these kids.  I have come to love my baby pouch!!!!!  I wouldn't send my naked picture to be on The Shape of a Mother blog just yet.   It's an awesome blog and I go visit from time to time.  It's amazing to see these women be so proud of their body after having a baby.  Anyway, I'm getting off track.

This topic came up a bit ago between me and a friend.  You know who you are and you can comment if you want.  :)

Women and this urge to shave off their pubic hair making them look like they are 12.  I just don't understand it.  Really I don't.  If you have a good explanation then please feel free to share it.  I told Mikey I was going to start the "Save the Bush" campaign!!!  Now wouldn't that make an awesome t-shirt or bumper sticker!

Hmmmm, okay don't be mad at me for starting such a conversation but I'm just curious is all.  Remember you can talk to me about anything!!!!!!!!!  Hell, you ask about my sex life so why can't I ask you about your bush or the lack of one?
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