My Teenage Daughter Won't Stop Texting Me

At first it was adorable that she would text me.  From school.  From her mamaws.  From her aunts.  From her bedroom.  Even while laying in bed right beside me!!!!  Good times!

But NOW SHE WON'T STOP!!!!!!!!

I think I am going to add another rule to the contract.

~ Do not text mom more than FIVE times a day.  Unless it's an emergency.  Texting me over and over about a birthday party that you,

"rele rele want to go to because he is ur best friend.  There will b lots of people.
Just goin 2 a movie! U nvr let me do anything."

doesn't count as an emergency. 


~ Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you ever send mom a FWD!!!!  EVER!!!!!  I cannot stress this enough!  NO FWDS!!!!  I just delete them.

Don't make me regret changing our plan so you have unlimited TEXTING!


Mary said…
Michelle, I do not have a text plan on my phone for that very reason. My kids have the text plan on their contracts.
Might be time for you to write up a new contract. Good luck with her. Another way to stop all her silly texting is to simply ignore it. Do not respond do not act like it even bothers. I have learned alot with a 24 yr old and a 19 yr old. Pick my battles and ignore the silly stuff,
good luck.... Mary
Keshia said…
I HATE fwds! People finally pretty much stopped sending them because I never send them back. I don't even read them. I just delete. Just because I don't want to send it to 15 people doesn't mean I don't love Jesus! Geez! Lol