Life's a bitch so get used to it.

Okay, so I think my teenager hates me right about now.  It's bound to have happened.

SO, you know she was given a cell phone for Christmas with a contract about the rules that went with it.

Anyway... I take H to school and I don't want her to get there to early because I want to make sure she is safe.  School starts at 8 am so I think 7:45 is plenty of time to get to her locker, use the bathroom and kiss her boyfriend.  BUT she has other plans.  She has been doing this since school started.  She tried to get to school as early as she can.  Way before 7:45.  I don't fall for that crap.  I have a set schedule and know when to walk out the door.

This morning she starts heading down early.  She even comes back upstairs to get the babies to put them in the van.  So, I grab my coffee and head down thinking it's time.  I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED AT THE CLOCK!!!!!  I get to the van and it's like 7:21 am.  So, I casually mention that it's too early to leave that from now on we cannot come down so early.

This is where I get that wonderful teen ATTITUDE!!!!  "WE ALWAYS LEAVE THIS EARLY"  She's totally playing me for a fool.  I KNOW WHEN WE LEAVE THIS HOUSE!!!!!  She actually thinks she can convince me we always leave the house this early.  She is arguing with me!!  I didn't even start it.  I was polite when I said that we need to leave later.  I wasn't blaming her or anything.

Then I hear, "WHATEVER!!!" come from her mouth. WE ALL know that is a teenagers way of saying "fuck you".  If you didn't know that, you do now.  This is where I completely stop the minivan and say. "Give me your phone."

I kept hearing Barney Fife in my head.  "Nip it in the bud!  Nip it in the bud SUPERMOM!"

So, she's crying and huffing and trying to throw a tantrum.  I felt like saying, "Oh, you poor baby cannot stomp down the hall and slam your bedroom door because the itty bitty seat-belt has you pinned to the seat."  I thought about saying that for real!  I didn't think it would be wise because I am the adult and all that other crap.

It just irks me.  I went on to tell her that having a cellphone is a privilege and not something she is owed.  I will be respected or she will not have a phone.  PERIOD!

So she puts on her IPod and cries the rest of the way to school trying to ignore me.

I guess I am just a mean mommy who wants the best for her daughter.  It's just awful for me to be this way!!!!  ~eyeroll~


Monica said…
I'm still trying to get over her going over 500 text in a month... You and me both know too much idol time she will end up being found making out under bleachers or in a buddies car... I would not give her that much time... Good luck...

It wont hurt her to go to school looking like she is having a bad reaction to a bee sting in both eyes...
Been there done that and am now proudly wearing the T shirt!
Go Girl!
Anna said…
Sometimes, life is hard, H, and you just have to roll with the punches. Be grateful they aren't REAL punches. Sorry you lost your phone for a while. It'll come back! You got to respect your momma!
Kelly said…
Hang in there!! Both of you!
Heather Nicole said…
aaahhh...I do not look forward to the teenage years, but GOOD JOB supermom!!! "nip it in the bud" is my husbands answer for any discipline problem.. ha ha
I would watch her getting there too early.

I know what we all did, and times are worse.

Good Luck, momma.

For all it's worth, I started homeschooling my 12 yr old this year and the attitude is 95% better!
Supermom said…
Good morning. I gave her back the phone this morning. She'll live.