Keep us in your thoughts please.

 Today is the day.  Baby M has to be at the hospital at 9 am.  They will start her dental procedure about 11 am.  I am not worried about the procedure just them putting our Baby to sleep.  I will be on pins and needles.  I am sure we will be at the hospital all day.  I will have my Blackberry if you want to email or call.  I will update when I am able.

A Happy Playing Baby M:

Happy Laughing Baby


Hang in there Supermom. I get your anxiety. When my older son was five, he has his tonsils out. It was the worst 45 minutes of my life. I was pins and needles and the 45 minutes felt like 45 hours. She will need you when she wakes up. If you have ever been under anesthesia, you know what I am talking about. Hang in there Superman, Baby M will be fine. After all, she is one tough cookie. ((hugs)).
Mrs Furious said…
Praying everything goes well!
I absolutely understand how terrifying anesthesia is. Kid went under 3 times for surgeries.
Hang in there! Hopefully she's out now and doing well :)
Praying for your precious little one!
Kelly said…
I am late, but I hope that everything went well!
Supermom said…
Thank you all for the well wishes. We are home and resting.