Insomnia is a kind of torture.

Here lately I am having a hard time resting.  I am sure it is because my anxiety back in December has knocked me out of whack.  Well, DAMMIT, get over it already!  I could use some hard ZZZ's at night.  Thankfully over the Christmas break I was able to take short naps throughout the day to help catch-up.  Now that school is back in session that is no longer an option.  Well, except for now because we are getting snow and school gets canceled.

We have a two hour delay at the moment but I would almost bet money that it will be canceled in the next hour or two.

So, last night I got up at 11:30 ish to make my way to the kitchen for some cheese and crackers.  Plus, a few Hershey's Kisses.  OKAY, a handful of Hershey's Kisses.  I found a comfy place on the couch and flipped channels!
O.M.G.  I am so glad I didn't have my wallet handy!!!!!!  I was in tears as Noah Wyle talked about the polar bears becoming extinct in my children’s lifetime.  THEN to top it off I endured hearing about how people neglect their animals while Willie Nelson was singing.  TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!  I would have spent our savings last night if my wallet had been within reach.  Thankfully it was in another room on the other side of the house.

THEN!!!  I’m not finished yet!!!

I caught the last half hour of The Secret Life of the American Teenager!!!!  The new season has started.  ~deep breath~

I had to find out that Amy and Ben broke up and she took John to stay at her grandmother’s house who has Alzheimer’s.  Then I learned that Anne had fled as well with her new baby.  And that Grace and Jack broke up because she wasn’t ready for oral sex.  Then Graces mother told her it was okay to masturbate and take things INTO YOUR OWN HANDS were her exact words!!!!!!!!  Then there is Ricky with that stupid expression he ALWAYS has on his face.  A smirky I’m so cool that I got a girl pregnant at band camp expression.  Please send those kids to college and route them away from acting!!!!!!!

WOW, what a night.  I promised myself I wouldn’t trash that show.  The acting speaks for itself.  UTTER CRAP!!!!!!!  I am so glad that H got over that show after the first season.  Don’t get me started!

Anyway, I need sleep at night.  Any suggestions?


Mrs Furious said…
cancelled again?! Kid has had school on time all week. Crazy.
Supermom said…
No thankfully there was just a 2 hour delay!!!!
Mary said…
hey there do not eat anything with caffiene when your trying to sleep. Hershey kisses are full of caffiene part of the chocolate make up. On nights when i have a hard time falling asleep, I warm milk add a touch of vanilla and a bit of sugar and sip it. Works magic for me. Another thing to do when you can not sleep say a little prayer to ease your mind and ask the Lord for some guideance so you do not stress so much over things works for me good luck, love luck lollipops and sweet dreams.
Keshia said…
Take a Benedryl 30 mins before you want to go to sleep. Works wonders for me. If that doesn't work u can move up to something stronger like Unisom. (My pharmacist told me this when I was having trouble sleeping) oh and no tv, computer, or *gasp* blackberry for like an hour before bedtime. The light tells your brain to stay awake. Good luck!
Supermom said…
Well, I had the kisses after I had tossed and turned in bed for an hour. ha ha

I always say a little prayer. :)

I cannot take Benedryl ~ it makes me sick.

Thanks for all the suggestions!!!!!