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For Sale: Superdad

I bet he thought I had forgotten this:

Last night I was coughing in bed.

Superdad ~ Comes out of bathroom brushing his teeth to say, "I have something in common with Heidi Klum."

Supermom ~ What?

Superdad ~  We are both married to Seal.


Get it?  Cause I sound like a Seal when I cough.


Vanessa said...

ROFL!! That's bad Superdad!

Living It, Loving It said...

I would buy them but I cannot afford him. You are only trying to sell him because you are sick. On a good day, you know all the women in the world could not afford Superdad.

Supermom said...

LOL!!!!!! You are right. I only want to sell him because I am sick.

Is that so wrong??

Living It, Loving It said...

Well, I want to sell my husband every time he is lazy which is alot.