Do you Rock Band?

Happy New Years still!  It's still January 1, 2010!!!

Today has been interesting.  I let H's BF come over to hang out.  She wanted to see him and mentioned a movie BUT I really didn't want to bother with going out so I said he could come here and have dinner with us.  Which is exactly what he did.

His mom brought him by and socialized for a minute or two then left him here.  What am I supposed to do with a teenage boy in my house?  He didn't come with directions!!  The kids, including him, pretty much stayed in the living room watching TV unless they were in the basement fooling around on the pinball machines with Superdad.  Superdad has three real size pinball machines in the basement that he's tinkering with to get up and running.  Then we had a nice meal all together.  It was a nice afternoon.  He is a good kid I suppose.  You should have seen me BF proofing the house before he got here.  Like removing my bra hanging on the bathroom door for one!  Yeah, that would have been awkward!!!!

I walked into the living room while they were flipping channels.  They passed some show about teenage pregnancy and H commented on how she told her BF not to let her get that big.  I made the comment, "Or don't GET HER PREGNANT EITHER!"  Sorry, but I couldn't help it.  Due to the recent finding of a condom in this house that didn't belong to ME then I thought it wise to voice an opinion.

Oh, the condom!!  I forgot to clear it up for you.  Apparently THEY do give those out during sex education!!!!!!!!  I was told this after H came home from New Jersey to find the condom on her dresser with a post-it note that read, "CARE TO EXPLAIN?"

I can tell when she's bullshitting me and well, she wasn't in this case.  I'm proud of my teenage daughter!!!! 

All in all it's been a nice New Year.  I leave you with this picture of me jamming out to Psycho Killer on Rock Band 2.