Can men and women really be friends?

Without anything sexual getting in the way?

Last week I was taught a valuable lesson about making new friends.  I met this man briefly last year and friend-ed him on FaceBook.  I commented on his wall, liked his pictures and his status.  Wanting nothing more than friendship.

I am a friendly person.  I like meeting new people.  I find the Internet to be a really cool place to do that.  It doesn't mean I am on the prowl for anything.  I thought I had made that clear.

Our friendship was fun and very short lived.

I was going by what this person was telling me.  I thought he was single and such.  Remember I blogged about getting an email from a woman wanting to know my intentions?  To which I replied, "Friendship!"   Perhaps she should have been asking him what his were?  Anyway.

He made me think this woman had issues.  So we continued to be friends and text back and forth.  I even made up the silly comic Supermom and the Single Guy about our texting.

Then the mentioned woman posted a comment on my blog.  It was again something ridiculous about me wanting the man.  Questioning my intentions again.  BLAH BLAH BLAH.


What the hell kind of intentions could I have?

So, I had to set my comments to be moderated before they were published to my blog.  I didn't want any of my Supermom Fans to be a part of this.  Then I checked my counters to find out the mentioned woman had spent hours on my blog.  This should prove to her that I have no interest in other men BUT Superdad.  Well, except David Muir, Jason Statham and Pierce Brosnan.  I'm just sayin'...

I was angry.  Is the world really so jealous?  Insecure?

Then on Friday I smartened up.  I checked on a few things and realized that Single Guy was probably lying to me.  I think the woman was really his girlfriend.  Did he think I was interested in him?   Did he think I was coming on to him?

They are friends again on Facebook so this leads me to believe he had to make up with her over all this.  He deleted me as well.  So, was he testing me?  Did he think I was after him and he wanted to give it a go?

I just don't understand.

Was all this a game?  If so, you suck not so single guy.  To play with someone's emotions is wrong.  Not only mine but her's as well.

This is why I find it hard to get out and meet people.  To let someone get involved in your life.  Makes me doubt the intentions of making friends now.

I really thought that men and women could be friends.  Now, I'm not so sure.  Just because a woman friends a man on any social network doesn't mean she is trying to jump in the sack with them.  It means she only wants to be your friend!  Just a thought.

There is no more Supermom and the Single Guy.  I deleted the posts and comics.

Now, to move on with...

The Adventures of Supermom!!!!!

So, fess up!  Can men and women only be friends??!??!  I look forward to the feed back!


Monkey's Momma said…
Well, in my experience, yes, they can be friends, as long as each other's partners are cool with it. Especially if it is a Facebook Friendship. I was talking to a guy that I had not seen in over 20 years. Nice guy, married, kids and grandkids. We also happened to end up working at the same job together after 20 years (odd, huh?).

My Hubs was cool with it, but his wife was not, and made him get off Facebook!
Supermom said…
I am a very social person and can make a friend instantly. Male or female.

My husband and I are very social people. We also don't have a jealous bone in our bodies.

We don't have anything to worry about because we love being married and know that nothing will change that.
Anna said…
You're just too pretty have male friends, Supermom!
Supermom said…
Keshia said…
My best friend is a guy. The husband wasn't too thrilled about it at first but by the time we got married and he had a say in it he was fine with it. He was the only person that wasn't family that drove the hour from where we live to the hospital when Cooper was born. We tried "talking" one time our freshman year of highschool and decided we were just too close as friends to risk it.
Supermom said…
Keshia ~

I had a friend like that as well. His name was Brian. He died way too young. I've blogged about him before.

Keshia said…
Yes I remember reading about him. I'm sorry for your loss. I don't know what I would do if I lost Bret.