Another One Bites The Dust

Before you read this post know I have nothing against gay people.  Gay as in people that like the same sex.  Not gay as in happy.  I do like happy people though.  NEVERMIND!!!  I have gay friends, straight friends, loud friends, fun friends.  I just call them my friends.  Soooooooooooooo, with that being said...

We were in bed the other night talking about the handsome Silver Fox Anderson Cooper being gay.  To which I belt out, "Another one bites the dust."  I'm sorry ladies.  You won't be getting a call from this hottie.

Times like this I bet more women wish they were born male.  HA HA!!!  Then I begin to think about other hottie men that I think may be gay.

I remember when he played the hunkie Buchanan son on One Life to Live!!!!  Remember?  He was dating Dorian and his mom Viki was upset about it?  I'm ashamed I actually remember that!  Well, have you seen a beautiful woman on his hottie Canadian arm?  DO tell!!!

Kevin Spacey

There's something about him that catches my attention!!!  He's hot!  YUMM!!!!  So, is he gay?  

Then you will not believe what SUPERDAD had the nerve to say????

I bet your boy David Muir is gay.

I actually GASPED and told Superdad, "Don't talk about my David that way!"

So, let's talk about this!!!!!!


All my favorites too. :( So not fair. Well, I would not have been able to have them either way so I am not too upset.
Chrissy said…
Oh never crossed my mind about Nathan Fillion. Now why did you have to go and do that???
Kelly said…
Oh boy. Anderson Cooper is a hottie! I am a bit sad that he won't be calling me.

Nathan Fillion is another one that I just love, don't tell me...I hope your wrong...maybe I have a "type"?? I remember him on OLTL too!!

Now Kevin? It wouldn't surprise me.

I don't know David Muir, but I think I'd like to...
Supermom said…
Sorry ladies.

It's just a "vibe" that I have.
Laurel said…
I felt the same way about Anderson!! I just discovered him during our states controversial For/Against election & was mesmerized by his looks! He's still super looking, but as Living It said, I never expected him to call (for THAT reason, anyhoo...)