Sunday, January 10, 2010

Am I supposed to go to Church?

This morning I was laying in bed just thinking.  I know lots of people that would have been up and already preparing to go to their church.  Yet, I was still in bed.

I am a very spiritual woman.  I believe in God.  I pray to God.  We say grace at our meals.  Our big kids pray to God. 

Yet, two of my children have never stepped foot into a church to hear a man or woman tell them how they are supposed to be living.  I don't say that making fun it's just how I see it.

I sort of see church as a social place that you attend with other people that think and believe like you.  It's a place you are able to socialize and be one big family.  Sounds good enough.

When I was growing up I attended a very southern Baptist Church with one of my grandmothers.  It was one where they jumped and shouted and scared the crap out of you at times.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I have a special place for that little church because my twin brother is buried there.  Yet, I never go to his grave.  Weird.  Now, I may have to visit the lil guy I shared a womb with.


I then would visit different churches with my step-dad.  Methodist and Baptist.  I have attended several different churches in my lifetime.  Embracing everything they had to teach me.

There was one church in particular that I attended until my divorce.  My ex husband won that church in our divorce though.  He even married a woman that we knew from that church years later.  Yeah, so he got to keep that church and I felt weird going back.  It's okay though because the pastor left and he was why I went there so I had no reason to stay.

After all the above I visited Unity.  I LOVED Unity!  I felt like I was home.  Sadly, the church is a distance from our house so it isn't practical to attend.

Superdad would love me to attend his church.  He grew up in a Christian Science Church.  NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH SCIENTOLOGY.  He doesn't believe in little aliens and such....

Superdad loves having his Christian Science background.  He wants our girls to grow up in the Christian Science faith.  I have no problem with that.

I guess I was just thinking this morning if I should be doing more when it comes to "going" to a certain church.  I really don't think you have to attend a certain place of worship to get to Heaven.  I think knowing and believing in God will get you there.  He isn't going to glance over your church record to see how many days you have missed.  Or is he?
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