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Wow, my day just keeps getting better.

Remember the cupcakes I made with my kids for Easter?

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Well, they came in runner up in a contest I entered them in. You can go here to read the story if you want.

Runners Up:
Michelle says:

Okay, I added pictures of the cupcakes we made today.


Top Mom Blogs ~ Thank you for keeping me #1.

I am still number 1!!! I couldn't do it without my readers. Thank you!!!

Don't be hatin'. My daughter doesn't think I am cool.

I see another t-shirt added to my collection soon. Who can get me a "Don't be hatin'!" tee??? I can add it to the "That's how I roll" one. HA HA!! I can feel my teenager cringing as I type this. Let me explain the love of my new phrase.

We watched that silly movie Malibu's Most Wanted weeks ago. I loved it when he said, "Don't be hatin'." I laughed and laughed about this movie. Leave it to my teenage daughter to own this DVD! ~shaking head~

So, yesterday I was saying, "Don't be hatin'. Do you know what hormonal teenage daughter told me??? "Don't ever say that again! Seriously, don't say that." ~sniffle~ No respect I tell you! I told her, "Don't be hatin' because that's how I roll!" I laughed. She wasn't amused. I really think she doesn't think I am cool. Come on!! I am SUPERMOM!!! I am totally cool!!!! Aren't I?

She will come to appreciate my humor later in life. :)

Thanks for everyone taking part of the poll. It looks like some of you want me to do another video post. Some even want me to wear my leopard print heels! A couple of readers said no. ~sticking tongue out~ You lose in this one. :) I am not sure when I will video post again. Soon, I promise.

Right now I have so much going on. Life got busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. It makes me feel productive. The garden is going. The kids are fantastic. I have reviews to do. I have things on my mind with helping Renee. I have more cupcakes to make for her as well. She deserves them. I know I said I would scream if I made anymore anytime soon. Well, I lied. She deserves them and she will get them after her meeting. Did everyone check out her ETSY shop??? I hope some of you blogged about her or please add her ETSY shop link to you page!! I promise to say thank you in my next video if you let me know it's posted on your blog!!!

Here, let me make it easy. Just link this text




Here's a button you can use if you want and link it instead.

Candy Stick Lane Button

I am here to please!

Okay, Supermom has life to enjoy and more coffee to drink. Don't forget:

Don't be hatin'. ~laughing~

Out of the mouths of babes.

Last night Baby M was sound asleep at my boob. All snuggled in bed.

She sits up and leans over to see Lil O and shouts, "LIL O! LIL O!!"

Well she didn't call her Lil O, she called her by name and it was adorable!!!!!

I pulled her back down in the bed and shoved my boob back in her mouth. I didn't want her to wake sleeping Lil O up.

Kids are tooo adorable. Must have a couple more. :)

Candy Stick Lane ~ Homemade boutique clothing at its BEST!

Facebook rocks!!!! You can quote me! Let me tell you why I think this! A couple weeks ago I was cruising FB to see if I recognized people from school. I stumbled across a blog from a woman I went to school with. We really didn't know each other in school but I'd love to get to know her now.

I saw her blog and what she does. She has MAGIC hands! A wonderful talent!!! I fell completely in love. I sat around all day wondering how I could get the word out about her and the clothes she makes! Soooo, I emailed her asking for a bio and pictures! I wanted to blog about her on 3 of my sites and hopefully my readers will blog about her as well. Feel free to COPY & PASTE all about her and her clothes. Or you can just link back to my page! PRETTY PLEASE!! I might even do a special video post to thank you personally. Maybe even have Renee join me!

Would you like to see these beautiful clothes!??? I just know you will fall in love as well.

Introducing Candy Stick Lane:

Candy Stick Lane

Candy Stick Lane

Isn't she amazing?!?!?!? Now don't you agree that we need to get the word out about Candy Stick Lane?!?!?!?

Would you like to meet the beautiful talented Renee?

This is Renee and her three wonderful children, four if you count Hope the dog. Her oldest daughter was her inspiration!!! How awesome is that?? Here's the bio that Renee sent me. Enjoy!

My name is Renee Eggleston - I design and construct boutique clothing for sizes NB-12 Years. I am a 33 year old single mother of 3. I have been making boutique clothing for little girls for the last 16 years and it is truly a labor of love. Ebay has been my venue since 2001 and I just joined Etsy in 2006.

I taught myself to sew when my daughter Krystal was born, because I wanted to be able to make her holiday themed outfits. It was a long hard road! I made over 300 items the first year and I only kept a handful and threw the rest away!

I did, however keep a journal and made entries for each garment I made. I noted what worked and what didn't, what notions were friendly and which fabrics worked well with what sewing machine feet! That journal proved to be invaluable and I haven't looked back since!

I love fabric, I have mounds of it in my studio~especially great vintage finds! I'm always on the lookout for any vintage fabrics that I can use. Vintage curtains and bedding are great for recycle into little girly play pieces. I'm always experimenting and learning new techniques, and I share tutorials on my blog candysticklane.blogspot.com and on Saturdays as a guest blogger for EtsyKids.blogspot.com.

People always want to know why I don't make more things for boys and why so many dresses and the simple answer is love dressing little girls and I LOVE dresses. I always have, when I was little, now that I'm grown - nothing is more feminine to me that a cute flattering dress or skirt and they are so much fun to wear.

My Kids are my life! Krystal is 16, Sterling is 10 and Roman is 9. I work full time at Mission Hospitals at Fullerton Genetics Center. I love what I do, but I'm hoping that after some readjustments, I can stay at home at least part time and spend more time sewing and with the kids before they are all grown up! The baby of our family is a 2 year old rescued Pit Bull that we've had since she was 3 days old named Hope - she keeps us all hopping and happy! Our household is very light and festive - we all love music, dancing, jokes and playing hard and we LOVE being around each other.

Links to find Renee and her beautiful clothes:

Candy Stick Lane on ETSY
Candy Stick Lane Blog
Candy Stick Lane on FaceBook
Candy Stick Lane on eBay My World
Candy Stick Lane on Twitter

What was I thinking? A hodge podge of topics.

Apparently I wasn't thinking when I bought Lil O that Dora game for the PS2 on Sunday. I found it in the clearance section and thought she might like it. I should have bought myself a game I would have enjoyed because all I hear from Lil O is,


Oh well, you learn from your mistakes. Or so I've been told.


I hope that you enjoyed my first video entry. Sorry you had to hear H getting her popcorn out of the bowl the whole time she was filming me. She cracks me up! TEENAGERS!

Gotta love them because you can't send them back!


UGH! I am so glad to have the cookbook challenge behind me. It was tiring. I am glad you enjoyed it though. Thanks for all the encouragement and wonderful comments.

Now, to get rid of the extra 5 pounds I have gained.


With May around the corner and the weather in the 80's I went ahead and planted some veggies and herbs around the back deck. I love container gardening. It's great for kids to help maintain. I usually don't plant until after Mothers Day but I was jonesing to get outside and plant! So I went ahead and planted last weekend.

Superdad has the garden space all ready to plant. He's going to the farmers market to buy his veggies this week. I'll post pictures when we are done planting!


Today I will be taking Lil O and Baby M for their check-ups. Oh goodie! They both get shots.

Wish me luck.

Supermom needs a cocktail!!!

If I have to ice another cupcake anytime soon all I will do is drink COCKTAILS!!!!!

Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes

Mommy needs a cocktail!

I love when the weather gets warmer!! Do you want to know why???

Because I can wear my favorite pair of shorts EVER!!! I bought them at J Crew years ago and absolutely love my shorts.

Cocktail Shorts

See the embroidered cocktails??? LOVE IT!

Cocktail Shorts

Miss Manners would agree.

I stumbled across this article and wanted to share.

For the Blogger

* Bear in mind that you’re writing for a global audience. Even though your blog may be a personal one, it’s still public and accessible to anyone.

* Navel gazing is passé. Gone are the days when you could tell the world what you had for lunch or dinner, and whether you burped 10 times today. If you want an audience, write for a specific topic (or a few) which you believe you’re good at.

* Be creative, don’t steal other people’s content. Just because you don’t have anything to write to maintain your blog, does not give you the right to copy and paste other people’s work onto yours.

* Don’t be afraid to have an opinion. It doesn’t hurt to belong to one side of the fence. In fact, it might make your blog more interesting. If you’re afraid of criticism, you might need to think twice about keeping a blog.

* Don't make your blog an excuse to make a personal attack on someone. Remember the old saying "If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all."

* Attribution. Always return credit where possible. If you are going to copy a text, or use an image, please return the credit and link back to where you found the material.

* Don’t steal bandwidth. If you are going to use an image off a blog, save it on to your own image hosting site. It’s rude to copy the image source and link it directly to your own blog.

* If you’re emotionally riled by a commenter, pause before you hit submit. You might regret what you wrote.

For the Blog Reader/Commenter

* Post comments that are related to the entry. If you must post a hello to the writer, email it to them, or post it in their chat box (if any).

* If you have your own blog, don’t blatantly promote yourself on other’s blogs. Especially if the entry is unrelated to you.

* If you don’t like it, move on. If you don’t share a blogger’s opinions, don’t make it your mission to spam his/her blog with your vile personal attacks. There are so many blogs to choose from in the blogsphere, find a new one to frequent.

* If you’ve accidentally posted repeat comments, apologize to the blog owner, preferably via email. You could post the apology with another comment, but be careful not to have it posted multiple times again.

* Rude and childish behaviour just because you’re an anonymous commenter or are behind a pseudonym is unacceptable. As much as good manners is required in the real world, it works the same in the blogsphere.

* If you’re emotionally riled by a blogger, pause before you hit submit. You might regret what you wrote.

For Both

* Bear in mind your reputation. Even if you’re blogging or commenting under a pseudonym, there are possibilities that you will be found out one day. Blogs are not dispensable. Even after you’ve long deleted that embarrassing photo of your prom night, someone might just be able to dig it up years later on the Wayback Machine – that big bad Internet archive in the ‘sphere.

* There will always be differing opinions to yours. Remember to always respect other’s views and opinions. If you want to share your own, do so in a mature debate. But bear in mind that you don’t need to change that person’s viewpoint.

What I Cannot Change by LeAnn Rimes

Martha at HarperStudio sent me this in an email today. I just sat down to watch it. I am crying like a baby.

It's hard to accept at times that you are unable to change things in life. I lost the man of my life at the age of 15. My papaw meant the world to me. If I could change anything, he would be here with us. I have to go get a tissue now.

April is almost over?!?!??!

I have been busy cooking for the cookbook challenge. I think we all have gained 5 pounds each! I just finished another recipe and it will post tomorrow.

The sun is shining. I am wearing shorts. Lil is wearing a summer dress. She has ALL winter. She has a thing for dresses and you cannot talk her out of them. If you remember she was wearing a pink summer dress in our Christmas picture. HA HA!! As a parent you know when to pick your battles.

I wish I had some exciting news to share. Sadly, life at the Supermom house has been going smoothly. Which is really good.

No teenage drama. Well, since the pregnant 15 year old that is.

B2 is being the typical boy. His birthday party is Saturday at Asheville Pizza Company. He is pretty excited about that. That reminds me, we need to take LOTS of quarters so he and his can friends can play video games. Tomorrow I will be baking and decorating 24 cupcakes for his special day. I'm not sure how I will decorate them but it will be fun to come up with an idea.

Speaking of birthday parties. I will be 35 in May. I thought I'd have a birthday party and invite my friends and their kids to join me in turning 35. My BFF Mary Jane will be in town so that will give her a chance to meet my gal pals! I thought I would have my birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Seriously!! I think it would be cool. Superdad said I could have my party where ever I wanted. I will reserve it online and see if they email me making sure that is the right age. Because they ask how old the birthday girl will be and I'll fill in 35! HA HA!!!

Since my friends have kids it's the perfect place I think. The kids can run wild and so can we! Plus, I can have my picture taken with Chuck E and get a special birthday cup!!!!! Who wouldn't want to 35 that way??? I could act my shoe size. 7 1/2.

I guess no news is good news. Right? That's what I always hear anyway.

Anything exciting happening at your house??? Please share it with us!!!!!!

It's such a pretty day.

I am taking a moment to sit down and type up a blog before I go cook for the cookbook challenge.

Today I met friends at Fun Depot so our kids could play. I really enjoyed it and glad that I have people around me with the same interests and they are cool to hang out with. :)

I wanted to start my 3 thankful things every day again.

1 ~ The beautiful pink dogwood trees are beautiful. One of my favorite things with Spring.
2 ~ Hearing the birds chirp.
3 ~ Good company.

Life is truly a blessing. Thanks to those that bless my life.

Moving on....

I have changed my comment rules. I love when my readers leave comments and please keep those coming. From now on keep the comment about the blog post you are commenting on and no name calling. If your comment isn't nice in any way it will be deleted.

We are all adults and entitled to our own opinion. Trust me, I will continue to tell you my opinion because this is my blog.

I have been a blogger for over 4 years now on different sites. I love to share my crazy life with my readers and I will continue to do that. Remember, without you, I'd just be talking to myself!

Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Ask and you shall receive. I was asked to share this recipe so I thought I would just post it for everyone to read. Because I am nice like that. :)

Chicken Wild Rice Soup

As you know I will buy a rotisserie chicken and take the white meat off. I put everything else, bones and dark meat, into a big stock pot. Cover with water. Cook for 2-3 hours. Drain and voila you have chicken stock. YUMMY CHICKEN STOCK.

So, I take the chicken stock and add carrots, celery, onion, wild rice, chicken and your spices. Usually I will add garlic, a couple bay leaves, coriander, cumin, pepper and lots of salt.

I don't know exact amounts. I just add, taste, add and taste some more.

I then cook until the rice is done.

Superdad really loves this soup. I am cooking some as I type this post. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Supermom Cleans House

Here lately I have been working on spring cleaning in the Supermom house. I have been asked for cleaning advice recently so I wanted to update Supermom Cleans House. I will stress again that if you take the time to get everything ORGANIZED then the rest is really upkeep. I take the time every single day to pick up and put every single thing where it belongs so the mess doesn't start.

Remember my motto? Find it a home, make it happy!

I am going to give you a glimpse of my bedroom. It's extremely neat and tidy.

This is a picture of my night stand.

Everything is right where I can find it. No it's not always this neat. Usually there are books stacked on top.

Here's our dresser.

Decorated with our wedding picture. A doily I crocheted and an angel box that my mamaw gave me many years ago. Oh, and a candle for looks.

This is Superdad's night stand.

Here's a picture of the quilt my mamaw gave us for Christmas. I think it is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. (Except for the ones I have made.)

A close up.

I think having too many throw pillows are a total waste of time. Do you want to see where mine are?

In the floor of our closet. Collecting dust.

Maybe next time I will show you my closest and give tips for keeping it neat.

Something to think about.

Do you know how hard it is to vacuum when your 1 year old follows you while eating a cracker?

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

**Due to the controversy of this topic I have deleted the comments and closed them. My blog isn't a boxing ring and I'd like to keep it that way.**

I've had something on my mind but haven't had a chance to blog about it. Part of me hoped it was a cruel rumor at school. Sadly, this is no rumor.

A girl that H has known since Kindergarten is pregnant. She is 15. This is a girl I have watched grow up. She has spent the night at our home. We have been to her birthday parties. She has been to H's. I have always been fond of this girl. She is still the adorable 5 year old with the blond hair to me because that's how I remember her from Kindergarten.

I know she has older sisters and that her parents divorced years back. That's really all an outsider would know. The rest are just assumptions on my part.

I do know that she is keeping the baby because she told H.

How did this happen?

Was she not taught about sex? Sexually transmitted diseases?

Did they even know she was sexually active?

Did they talk to her and she just didn't listen?

It really breaks my heart.

I am disappointed that she may never get to finish her education unless she has support from her family. The guy has no interest in being a father because he has moved onto another girl. I hope and pray that her family will do whatever it takes for her to finish high school. Perhaps go to college if she prefers. A baby is a blessing. I worry that with her being so young will she be able to provide a stable home for her baby? It takes everything we have to raise our four children and we are older than she. With age comes wisdom, maturity and patience. Things you need to have when raising a baby.

I admit I was a little harsh when this first posted. I wanted to come back and change it up a bit to get my thoughts out better.

Now lets talk about H.

I am so proud of my H. She is on the right track.

We have taught her right from wrong. We talk very OPENLY about sex in this house. Nothing is hush hush.

H wears a Love Waits Purity Ring. She understands the importance of WAITING to have sex.

That and the fact we have never given H the chance to be in a situation where she is alone with a boy.

Sure I am not naive. I know that the Love Waits Purity Ring isn't going to keep her a virgin forever. It will show the importance of not having sex at such a young age.

I know that H has kissed and held hands with her "boyfriend." That's completely normal for her age. I remember being 14 and "in love."

I just know that there has been NO MORE because I talk to my daughter and she talks to me.

Tag. I am it. ~running~

I was tagged. Lana over at Living it, Loving it tagged me. How nice of her!!!

I'm to come up with a list of 10 of my favorite film characters (Not favorite movies!) and why I think they are cool. Then I am to tag 5 other bloggers to do the same.

Oops. I forgot to add why they were cool.

Here goes: I am only going to add one clip cause kids are wanting me.

V in V is for Vendetta ~ One of my favorite movies!!!
Do I really need to explain why he's cool!?!?

Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice.
I would like to think I'd be just like her if I lived in the time period.

Daniel in Love Actually.
He tells it like it is.

Lee in The Secretary.
She is an interesting character and I just enjoyed her.

Jenna in The Waitress.
She made me laugh.

Idgie in Fried Green Tomatoes.
She reminds me of myself.

Ouiser in Steel Magnolias.
I think I will be like her when I am older.

Polly in Along Came Polly.
She just makes me laugh.

Ed Bloom ~ young and old ~ in Big Fish.
He touched me during the whole movie.

One more......

Francis "Baby" in Dirty Dancing.
Cause noboby puts Baby in a corner!!

Whew, that was difficult.

I tag:

Mrs F of Mrs Furious.

Helene of I'm Living Proof God Has a Sense of Humor.

CK of CK the Librarian.

Jennifer of Jennifer Saylor.

Monkey's Momma.

I know these ladies will have an awesome list and I am curious as who they pick.

Happy Birthday B!!!!!!

I made this card at www.mypunchbowl.com

Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar. Admitting when you are wrong.

Since my personal goal is to spend only ONE WHOLE HOUR of the day on the Internet I have been doing other things.

One of those things is watch the telly. I caught a show that I never thought I'd be caught watching. EVER!!!!!!!

18 Kids & Counting ~ It's the show where Michelle Duggar welcomed their 18 baby.

I admit I have made fun of Michelle and Jim Bob several 100 times in the past. I've called them CRAZY!!! Not a good kind of crazy either. We've joked about when the kids are older and write a "Tell All" book about being a Duggar. I wondered if maybe Michelle was addicted to being pregnant and such. The list is lengthy.

How can one woman have so many children?

I have totally changed my mind!!!!! OMG!!! I was wrong about them.

I was in tears as they welcomed their beautiful daughter who's name started with another J. I was so thrilled for them.

This family is so full of love and it shows. Michelle and Jim Bob are constantly kissing and telling their love for each other. It was awesome. I never heard a raised voice. I never heard bickering. The kids are all well behaved. I want to be like that.

We raise our voice here. We bicker. We get angry. We are so not the Duggars.

I even called Superdad at work TWICE to tell him I was all wrong about them.

I'd rather have my family watch the Duggars any day over Jon & Kate Plus 8. The shows are completely different. A loving family with 18 VS a family who bicker and the mom constantly is in a foul mood that fusses at her husband. Hmmmm.....

I want to be a Duggar!! I will be emailing them after I post this asking them if they'd like to adopt a 34 year old woman with 4 kids. I seriously would love to meet this family! If you know a Duggar or are a Duggar please contact me!!!!! I think you are a wonderful family and set a SUPERIOR standard to other families!

Birthday Party Flickr Slide Show.

I learned a compacting lesson. The hard way.

(I actually think I already knew this lesson but had forgot. Or I could have mentally blocked it out.)


Never take your TEEN or four year old grocery shopping with you.

Usually my grocery bill never goes over $200.00. Until now.

$200.21 for two weeks of groceries. All organic. I know the .21 isn't that big of deal but it is to me. It would have been much cheaper if I had gone alone. Let's see where I spent money, shall we?

Impulse ~ $36.07 Wine ~ for me and on sale, three organic crispy cat candy bars ~ which are made locally and delicious, 4 herb plants ~ to plant tomorrow, strawberry ice cream and mints.

Bakery ~ $16.05

Dairy ~ $20.73

Meat ~ $30.08

Produce/Fruit ~ $28.67

Want to guess on how much I saved by coupons and buying things on sale? $20.34

AWESOME!!! I would have been really proud of myself if there weren't those crazy impulse buys. If I had gone alone my bill would have been under $200.00

I'm glad spring break will be over this weekend. Then I can go to the grocery store like I normally do. :)

The Birthday Girl and her Cake. Don't worry she won't cry at her party.

I can deal with this ONE WHOLE HOUR on the computer. I rather like it. I was able to put together the IKEA bookshelf for H's room. Well, that was about it. HA HA!!

Here are a few random pictures of the birthday girl and her cake/cupcakes I made for her birthday party tomorrow.

Baby M with the phone.

Baby M loved her birthday present.

Baby and birthday toy.

Baby M also loves to stick her tongue out at EVERYONE now.

Baby sticking her tongue out.

Baby M loves new toy.

She is able to get in the little chairs now.

Baby M sitting in the chair.

I decorated the cake and cupcakes for the birthday party tomorrow.

Ready for Birthday.

Birthday Cake

Pretty Cupcakes.

The Adventures of Supermom has a plan, like always.

Today is grocery shopping day. Supermom Style.

I had to come up with a "compacting" menu using what we have in the house already PLUS work around the cookbook challenge. You know where I cook a different recipe for 7 days to review the cookbook I was sent in the mail.

Here's my plan, in no particular order:

Limeade ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For Baby M's birthday party.
Homemade Granola ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For snacks and breakfast.
Tuna Macaroni Salad ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For lunches.
Mexican Chicken Casserole ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. Dinner.
Potatoes Au Gratin ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For dinner to go with my BBQ roast.
Spiced Pumpkin Bread ~ Cookbook Challenge Recipe. For a tasty dessert, snack or even a quick breakfast.
Oven Fried Fish Fillets with homemade Tarter Sauce ~ Both for Cookbook Challenge. Dinner.

Be sure to check back to the Cookbook Challenge on Monday!!!

Plus, I will be making more Chicken Wild Rice Soup for Superdad since he loved the last I made. Makes a quick lunch or dinner.


We are having Baby M's party on Saturday with our family and friends. So, today I am making the cake and cupcakes. I will be decorating them as well. Just for Baby M. I will post pictures of course.


Sunday is B2's birthday. He will be 11!!!!!!! We are going to have his party the following Saturday at APC. We are hitting the game room and vegging out. Maybe even watch a movie. Who knows. HA HA!!!


I have started a personal mission. Cut back my online time. This includes blogging and Facebook. Yes, even Scrabble. I feel like out of boredom I come to the computer. So, from now on I will spend only ONE WHOLE HOUR a day on the computer. The other times I will just grab a kid and let them entertain me. Unless they are napping then Scrabble here I come. :)

This should be interesting. :)

I'll be back to post about how much I spent at the grocery store and how much I saved!

Cause That's How I Roll.

It's always interesting to hear "sayings" come and go. You never know what you might hear next.

I was wracking my brain to come up with some stuff I used to say but my brain wasn't up to working capability when I typed this post up. Humor me and comment with your favorite saying!!!

It's a running joke in the house with the saying, "That's How I Roll."

It bugs Superdad to hear it.

So guess what I did?

Bought a really cook t-shirt to wear EVERY chance I get.

That's How I Roll t-shirt

Cause That's How I Roll.

Happy Birthday Baby M!

Today my precious Baby M is 1 year old. She went from this:

Moon Pie M

To the amazing joy that she is now:

Happy 1 Year Birthday Baby M

Birthday party pictures will be posted on Saturday!!!

Guest Blogger Clair ~ Saving Money While Freezing in the kitchen.

Ever stood looking at the cupboards wondering what to cook that night only to end up with MacNCheese? In the busy world we live in who has time to take the kids to school, work a part-time job, shop, do laundry and then have a healthy meal on the table that didn’t cost the earth?

Freezing is an excellent way to save money by buying produce that’s on sale and then freezing it for later. You can also pick a day and have a cooking day where you cook a bunch of meals that you can freeze for later. That way when you get home after a long day, you’re options aren’t just frozen pizza or cereal. You can offer much healthier fare..

Here are a few ways to freeze.

So you doubled your recipe and made two casseroles - 1 for now and 1 to freeze. But, you don't want all your casserole dishes in the freezer so what do you do?
Line the casserole dish with clear plastic wrap and then spray with cooking spray. Place your casserole in the dish, cover with plastic wrap and freeze for a few hours until completely frozen. Remove from the freezer and take it out of the dish. Then tightly wrap the food in more plastic wrap/foil, label and place back in the freezer.
When you're ready to eat it take all the plastic wrap off, place back in the original dish, defrost and cook.

I love to have fresh produce around and buy it on sale but I know we can't eat that much before it goes bad so I chop it the way I’ll use it, put them on a baking tray and then in the freezer for about 2 hours. This is called, “Flash Freezing.” Once frozen put them in a ziploc bag and put back in the freezer.

Ice Cubes
Want to make fun ice cubes for drinks? Add a small piece of fruit (strawberry, cranberry, blueberry etc) to an ice-cube tray and then add water. Freeze and then serve in drinks!

Clair Boone is originally from England but now resides in Chicago with her hubby and one year old busy little boy. She's a stay at home Mum who's a frugal queen and loves scoping out bargains and saving money. Catch all her20deals and more posts on how to freeze over on her blog. Her family lives on $50/week for groceries and she blogs all about it over at www.mummydeals.org where you can save money too.

I got the best text message the other day.

It went something like this (sort of) :

I am planning a visit to see you!!! I haven't been down to see my bestest friend since your beautiful Baby M was born. I miss you terribly and need my Supermom fix. I was thinking about coming down for your birthday because I know turning 35 will be "interesting" for you. I might even make you another chocolate birthday cake like last year.

See you May 28th!!!!!!!!


My Mary Jane is coming down for a visit. This pleases me!

Eco-Friendly Baby Furniture

You got to love eco-friendly baby furniture!!! I know that I try to buy what's best for our children. We love buying organic and eco-friendly for our family.

If there’s one trend to pay attention to in this year’s furniture market, it’s the idea of going green and incorporating eco-friendly design throughout our home. Not only are we helping the money in our pocket go a long way but we are also encouraging alternative design ideas to support our current environment. When it comes to furnishing our newborn’s nursery, there’s no question that we want the very best for our child in terms of safety and style which is why having an eco-friendly baby furniture set is a great option. Whether you’re looking to outfit the room with a traditional or contemporary style makes no difference in the green design world as there is always something for everyone. When you enter the market to furnish a room in your home it’s always best to start with a brand name that you’re familiar with in terms of quality, safety, and style.

A recognizable name is a great reference point when you want to compare different features that each piece of furniture brings to your nursery. In the eco-friendly baby furniture world, Oeuf is a leading manufacturer that not only brings an environmentally friendly design to your home but also looks chic and is very comfortable. From baby cribs and changing tables to toddler bed sets and bookcases, Oeuf’s line of children’s furniture is beautifully and responsibly crafted and makes any nursery look stylish. When you are shopping pay attention to any mention of recycled or organic materials used in the construction of the nursery furniture and linens. In terms of incorporating green design in the crib bedding and linens, look into organic cotton sheets and blankets that are light and breathable.

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Why does the Easter bunny forget to give Mom a basket?

I have a bone to pick with the Easter bunny!! Would it kill that bunny to think of Mommy once in awhile?!?!? Year after year he tends to forget Mom. Sure, he brings the kids an awesome basket which is the reason for his visit but what about MOM??? That bunny will even leave dad a small thoughtful Easter something or other.

She takes care of the family. Decorates the house. Makes it special for everyone.

Would it be impossible to bring her a chocolate bunny as well? Maybe throw in a few Hershey bars. How about a special treat? I am not asking for diamonds or a brand new Dooney & Bourke purse. Unless the purse is a pretty Easter egg green color. Then I might perhaps ask for one.

Might!!! Is the key word there.

So Easter bunny next year when this season rolls around please, oh please, don't forget about Mom.

24 cupcakes and a 2 layer cake later...

My Easter Cupcakes area a huge hit!!!!

Take coconut and add some food coloring to it. We wanted a green and pink "grass."

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Ice your cupcake.

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Sprinkle your "grass" on the cupcake.

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Add jelly beans for your eggs. Make sure to NOT use bubble gum eggs.

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Lil O helping.

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

The finished Easter cupcakes.

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

They are soooooo yummy!! We all have had one. ONLY ONE. We have to save them for tomorrow.

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut

Easter Cupcakes with Coconut