Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You won’t like me when I’m angry….

I turn green and get these huge muscles.  My clothes start to rip and come off but mysteriously my pants fit perfectly at the waist.

Yesterday was a rough emotional day for me.  When things get that way for me my body will shut down and make me sleep.  I was in bed at 7:30 I believe.  So, that tells you my body was over it.

Over our wonderful weekend we noticed a spot on Baby M’s tooth.  We were wondering if she had chipped a tooth from a fall she had a few weeks earlier.  Then of course I use Dr Google and read all sorts of things.  Some were about me being sick while pregnant may have messed with her tooth development.  Or that she had tooth decay, which is normal they say.  BUT Baby M doesn’t drink from a bottle.  She doesn’t drink juice.  Sugar isn’t a big part of our diet.  We brush her teeth.  Geeze louise we eat an excellent organic diet year round.  It’s not like I am letting her sip Mt Dew from her cup.  I had all sorts of things running through my head.
The dentist saw her yesterday after Lil O’s Jungle Book practice.  It is tooth decay.  I had to hold her down TWICE for them to look in her mouth.  I could have cried.  He couldn’t tell me why this happened.  We are very lucky to have caught it like right away because it will be an easy fix.  Baby M will see a pediatric dentist Thursday to make all the arrangements.  They will have to sedate Baby M to fix the teeth.  (There are four teeth bothered with the decay.)

I told him they’d have to sedate me as well when they fix her teeth because I will be a total mess!!!

I just don’t know how this happened.  I know there doesn’t have to be a reason.  I just know we don’t have dental insurance (With work so down at the moment for Superdad they axed dental when insurance renewed in November.) and sedation and fixing teeth are going to be $$$.

It’s okay.  Things will be fine.  I am not worried.  I can just vent on this blog to you guys!

So, you’d think that I’d had enough emotional stress for the day but you are wrong!

Remember when I blogged last week about hormonal teens boyfriend calling to start crap every week making her cry?

He of course did that again yesterday when we got home from the dentist.  Poor boyfriend messed with Supermom on a very bad day.  I could hear H raising her voice and pleading from her bedroom.  I marched back there and flung open her door to ask who she was talking to.  She told me to leave.  HA HA!!  I asked again, “WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?”  She told me.  I tried to get the phone but she wouldn’t let me have it so I went to the living room and picked up the OTHER PHONE then walked back to her room.  H asked me to get off the phone to which I said, “Let me say what I want to say or I will make YOU get off the phone.”

I was so emotional I cannot remember word for word.  I do remember saying a few cuss words to which I am sorry.  BUT DAMMIT enough is enough.  It went like this, or close to it.

“I do NOT appreciate you calling here upsetting H.  You do this bullshit every week.  Things will be going fine then YOU call her and make her cry.  So what if she talked to another boy or ~insert things I cannot remember here~….  As far as I can tell my daughter loves you and ~insert more I cannot remember here~….  If you two cannot get your SHIT together then YOU will not be allowed to call here ANYMORE!”

I wish I could remember word for word.  My mouth was moving and my brain just couldn’t keep up.

I was shaking after this.  Toooo much I tell you.  Then I overcooked the burgers and steamed the broccoli to mush.  So, now you can see why I just went to bed with Baby M and went to sleep.

~H has already defended the BF this morning.  I asked her if his attitude changed once I got off the phone.  She said, “Yes, but he said he doesn’t call here to upset me all the time.  He just called here to fix things.”

I have one word to say to that.

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