Who's your Supermom??!??!

Me, of course!

We have a cold running through the house so after you read this blog post you will want to wash your hands.

I hope you have been enjoying the scheduled Best of 2009 posts.  Did you find it funny seeing me with hair at my 35th birthday party???  Sort of makes me want to grow my hair some.  Maybe.  Doubt it.  Couldn't do it.

I have exciting wonderful news to share.  The book I am working on is finished.  Okay, not really finished because I can always add to it BUT I'm stopping at this point.  I even have a cover planned out.  It came to me in a dream, so I'm totally working with it.  I'm going to put it out as an eBook sometime in January,  We have to dot all the i's and cross all out t's before it goes live.  I'm excited and scared.

You could totally like it, love it or HATE IT!!!  Hating it would be bad, very bad.  But I just know you will find it funny and perhaps laugh out loud a few times.  Right?

H & B2 are making their way back from Jersey as I type this.  H has me totally freaked out about her new cell phone.  Yes, we gave her a cell phone for Christmas.  That was in fact my idea.  Perhaps even a stupid idea.  I really hope not.  She will be 16 in June and getting a job so she really needs to have a way to contact us or WE contact HER.  We just added her to our plan!  We gave her 500 texts a month.  THAT'S THE SCARY PART!!!!!!!!!!  If she goes over they are totally going to screw us over with charges.

Having the cell phone means there are rules to follow.  I am working on a written contract for her to sign when she returns home.  I am going to use the phone to our advantage.

~ She will turn the phone over to us at bedtime.  NO TEXTING or SECRET calls during the night.

~ I can and will be looking at her texts.

~ She makes a C on a report card then the phone goes away until there is a written note from her teacher telling us she has brought the grade up to a B.

~ If anything INAPPROPRIATE is sent or received then POOF the phone is gone!!!!

~ I'm the boss!!!!

How's that for starters??????

No, I'm not being toooo hard on her.  She will eventually hang herself as they say.  This is a great learning opportunity for H to show us she can be responsible.  If H goes over she will be looking for a few babysitting gigs to cover the costs soooo keep her in mind.  She has taken the babysitting class at the Red Cross.