When is the right time to add a pet to your family?

~I'm not writing this post to guilt or make Superdad feel guilt.  I am just sharing some thoughts on the matter.~

Over the past several years the kids have wanted to add a dog to the Superhero house.   At certain times the opportunity came up but that time wasn't right for us.

For example:  A 10 month old male Yorkie, MY DREAM DOG, was needing a home. 
Why we didn't take him:  I just had Baby M and was on my first day of depression meds when we got the call.  

Then there was the call about a rescued Yorkie.  I took Lil O to see her but she wasn't a friendly happy dog.  I am assuming that there was some abuse involved.  Hence why she was rescued.

Then my sister thought her mini Schnauzer had gotten knocked up by the neighborhood wienie dog.  I toyed with the idea of taking one of the pups.  Turned out she wasn't pregnant.

Now to get to the point!!!!!!

We have been given the opportunity to open our home to a 10 month old Shih Tzu male.  His owners aren't able to spend much time with him because they aren't home.  As you know I am always home!  HA HA!  He belongs to my friends cousin.  It is heartbreaking for all involved.  They are sad about giving him away but they aren't able to be with him like he needs.  Then my friend is sad because she wants the dog to have a better life even though she knows this is hurting her cousin and niece.

That's Oreo.  Isn't he a cutie pie???  I tease my friend that if we get him I am changing his name to Fat Boy.  H had a friend that had a chihuahua named Fat Boy.   I thought it was hilarious!  I told H that I could change the spelling to Phat Boi.  I tease or do I?

Then there's me who just wants the dog to love and be in our family.  I just know he'd fit in perfect in our crazy house.  The kids would love him!!!!

Superdad is leery because he's not fond of the breed.  He wasn't fond of yorkies either BUT agreed to let me get one when I thought the time was right.  :)  Plus, there is the whole money is tight right now issue.  Adding one more mouth to feed worries him. 

I just have a gut feeling that this puppy should come here to live and I know he'd have a wonderful life here.  There is one thing this house has lots to offer and that is L O V E!


Monica said…
Your friend knows he would have a wonderful live and would love being loved all the time by children... This is why you were chosen to take on this task of helping "Cookie Monster" find a better home.

This is one of the things that effects children during a divorce. Parents know somethings that will change but don't count all involved like a new puppy that needs so much attention...
Monica said…
10 months old? Tell your cousin you'll take the dog when it turns a year old. That is, if you want to keep your sanity.

I will never get another puppy.
Supermom said…
Mikey ~

Shhhhhh! You're supposed to be on my side remember?
Mrs Furious said…
I suggest...
You get a trial run first. Ask if you could pet sit the dog for a full week. That will give you enough time to get a pretty good sense of the dogs temperment. And the work involved with caring for it.
Mr. said…
My man needs to get with the program.

Shih Tzu's are wonderful, hypoallergenic, very intelligent, loyal, and gentle dogs.

http://stretchphotography DOT com/chung2

How can he resist???
Monica said…
It is very true many people don't know how to train puppies. They expect them to know what stop is. Benifit of a puppy also they will grow to resemble there owners personality.

But when you have small children a puppy is the only way to go...If you don't have a puppy you do not know the dogs history of how it will react to a child that might pet too hard or fall. You don't know if and adult dog will snap at O or M...

6 months and house broke is an A plus...
Heather Nicole said…
we have a shit tzu that looks very similar to this one. yeah the puppy stage was rough with chewing on things, but for our little guy that was about it. he is super relaxed and loves to be petted and loved. he is a little over protective at times, barking at our neighbors everyday even though he sees them EVERY DAY!! oh and as for our experience, our shih tzu doesnt eat much at all. we even buy the expensive food and maybe spend $30 every 2 months on food. I love yorkies and shih tzus. I REALLY wanted a yorkie when preg. with happy baby but The Rock said one no :-(