Week in Review.

My Snuggle Bunny. The Jungle Book. Plus, the phone keeps ringing. People want my attention 24/7. I love it.


Kelli said…
I just love how your day seems so much like mine! Never a dull moment. Thanks for being so candid and real with your blog entries. People admire that. Your 'Week In Reviews' are my favorite. Have a lovely weekend with your family.
Supermom said…
Thank you Kelli!!!!!!!

I wish you a fabulous weekend.
Atasha said…
This made me smile this morning. Your girls are so beautiful.

I'm so sorry. I feel so bad about the snuggle bunny eye thing. I hope you didn't take offense.

Have a great weekend.
Supermom said…
Lord no. I want all opinions!!!

It was probably Tiger Woods calling.
Supermom said…
But but but....

It would never work. I have better sense than that!

Ha ha.