Week in Review.

Week in review. Nothing exciting. I put on my make-up and talk about life.

Since you had to watch me get ready I wanted an "after" photo.



Monica said…
Have a good trip...
Mary said…
Michelle had great time watching week in review. You gave an account of this week and also make up tips too.
Loved the fact that you did not skip a beat with all of the sillyness in the bathroom with the little girls under foot.Have a great time on your weekend trip and i hope you hear from some fine Brits. Had a neighor from Scotland omg to hear him talk melting in my slippers.

LOL Have a great weekend superfamily
and PS three weeks or 21 days until christmas
Supermom said…
Thank you!
You said pow wow(sp?). That's great.
Supermom said…
I did? I don't remember.

I have all sorts of things come out of my mouth at different times.

I'm just glad I wasn't cussing like a sailor in the WIR. ha ha