This and that now that we have Internet.

The Heat is On.  (Typed up on a Saturday.)

After a cold night and MORNING the heat came on around lunchtime today!  I so am NOT a camper.  Being in a dark and cold house is no fun.  Add four very bored kids and then it gets sour real quick.  They cannot play their game systems, watch TV or play on the Internet.  So, they entertain us by driving us batty.

It was so dark and cold we all went to bed really early.  This is where it got rather comical.  H wouldn't let B sleep in her bed because she thought it was gross even though they share a bed when we vacation.  So, Lil O was going to sleep with H instead.  B didn't want to be in his bedroom alone so he actually was going to sleep in Lil O's toddler bed.  It was pushed up to my side of the bed.  Turns out Lil O didn't want to sleep with H so she crawled into her bed with B.  I snapped a picture with my phone to show everyone.  Yes, they slept that way all night. 

Since we all went to bed early we were awake EARLY as well.  No power still.  Cold, cold and cold.  We woke up to over a foot of snow.  Beautiful white snow blanketing everything.  I love the snow! 

We pretty much stayed in the bed all morning. I was craving hot coffee something bad!!!!!  Eventually I irritated Superdad enough to get him out of bed and dressed to head down the road in search of hot food and coffee.  Then guess what happened while he was on the road???  The power came on.  We were dancing with joy.  I called him to tell him to head home!  I started coffee and turned the dishwasher on.  CRACKED the heat WAY UP!!!!!  Then I made some hot pancakes to fill our bellies up. 

I was rushing around trying to get things taken care of just in case the power went off again. 

I even squeezed in a bath with Baby M.  Then B went sledding with the neighbors and Lil O played in the snow with Superdad.

I started feeling sick, headache sick.  I popped my headache pills and something for nausea and have been resting on the couch watching the third Pirates movie with H.  Orlando Bloom, SWOON!

We still don't have Internet so I'm typing this up in notepad for you and as soon as it's up and running I will post this and LOTS of snow pictures!

~A blog for Sunday typed up on a Sunday.

Last night my MIL came to camp out here because she still had ZERO power.  We sat around and drank hot tea and coffee.  Enjoying the warmth from having power.

We all retired to our beds and H to the couch for a long winters nap.  Ahhh, to sleep in a warm house.  Nothing like it!

This morning I got up to no Internet BUT I did have HOT coffee.  AHHHHHH!!!!  I flipped some pumpkin pancakes for the family as I enjoyed the beautiful snow.

I have chicken cooking in the crock and bread dough rising.  Please power stay on!!!!!  I beg you.

Okay, it's Monday night.  I am exhausted and very grouchy.  I'll be back tomorrow all bright and shiny!!  I hope.


Keshia said…
May I have your pumpkin pancakes recipe please please please? Lol
Supermom said…
It's a mix you buy at Trader Joes. We love it!