They've gone and pissed me off.

Dear County School Parenting Class Teacher,

Yes, I know you have a name but I will not type it on here for fear that my kid has told you about my blog. 

The past few weeks I have become to doubt your ability to teach this class.  I know this because YOU were my teacher when I was in high school as well.  I'm not sure what book you are teaching from or even what year the book was written but can I say, "You are wrong!"

I don't like my teenage daughter coming home with these half ass ideas she has learned in your class.  When I go to tell her the RIGHT thing she chooses to NOT believe me because after all you are her teacher and her book says it's true.

Well, the book you are teaching from obviously needs to be rewritten with the truth filled in.  Or, you need to stop telling the kids how 'your' life has been and making my daughter believe it's the word of God.

Seriously, my daughter came home to criticize me for taking a bath while pregnant.  Excuse me?  She learned it in class!  Seriously???  When did you or your book get your Ob-Gyn degree?   BUT me telling hormonal teen that wasn't true just led to her crying thinking I was calling her teacher a liar.  First, I've had four kids and was never told to NOT take a bath.  Perhaps you had a difficult pregnancy and weren't able to take a bath and shared this with your class.  Please stop.  You're going to confuse the kids.  We all know they can only intake so much information and I'd like them to know the facts and not fiction.  Second, I've taken a Certified Birth Doula Class and not once has been taking a bath been illegal to do while pregnant.  How do you explain water birth then? 

I just have a simple request.  Please try to teach these kids the truth because what you tell them does sink in.  I don't want to be put in the position to tell my child, "Well, your teacher is wrong."  It doesn't make me look good to my child and it makes you look even worse to me.


PS.  I took your class in highschool and it sucked.  H is the reason why your class DIDN'T work!

Perhaps instead of teaching "Parenting" we should just give kids condoms every chance we get at school. 


Monica said…
I bet I know this teacher too...
Mrs Furious said…
You need to sit down with the Principal and make them review the curriculum materials with you. I'm serious. You need to actually sit there and watch them review the book. It is possible no one has ever reviewed what is going on in the class of a tenured teacher.
Mrs Furious said…
P. S. Now you know why I'm the *difficult* parent at Kid's school ;)
Kelly said…
It's been a long time since I was pregnant, but some of my favorite/comfortable pregnant moments were in the bath. Warm, comfortable, just me and my baby. Loved it.
Supermom said…
Monica ~ I know you do. :)

Mrs F ~ Yes, I have decided to call and have a pow wow.

Kelly ~ I agree.

Thanks for the comments :)
Way to go Michelle!

I am not sure that they should teach any parenting at all. Parenting is something we learn as we go and every experince is different. Plus, a teacher can't teach you parenting, you also learn by watching other parents, particularly your own.