Teenagers have to learn that having a cell phone is a privilege.

Superdad is awesome when it comes to wording things out.  I drive him CrAzY with my grammar at times.  He is all the time correcting me.  It's okay though, I love him and I accept his FLAWS!!!!  :)

Here's the agreement we have since H was given a cell phone for Christmas from us!  Since we are paying for this phone then she has to follow the rules.  When she gets a job over the summer then we can work out another agreement. 

Feel free to borrow it for your teenager when they get a phone.

H’s Cell Phone Rules

You must maintain an A/B Report Card in all classes.
If you get a C on a report card you will lose the phone until the grade is brought up to a B. 

You will be allowed to take the phone to school. However, if you get into any trouble for not adhering to the campus/classroom rules regarding cell phone usage you will lose it immediately.

If anything inappropriate (texts or photos) is found on your phone then it will be taken away immediately.  Mom reserves the right to look through all texts and photos whenever she chooses.

No calls after 9pm on school nights (Sun- Thu) and 10pm on Friday and Saturday unless they are to parents/family or are pre-approved. The phone must be handed over at those times.

If you go over in minutes, you must pay the difference for that month. If it happens a second time then your access will be reduced (8pm weekdays, no cell phone on Sundays).*

If you go over the maximum number of texts allowed in our plan you must pay the difference.  If you go over a second time then we will cancel texting on your phone.*

No cell phone at the dining room table.

If you are asked to get off the phone, you must do so immediately.
If I have to ask you more than twice you will lose privileges for a day.

While at home, you will use the house phone instead of the cell to make calls unless you are making a call to or receiving a call from another Verizon user.

For everyone’s benefit, these rules will be reevaluated periodically and amended accordingly.

As time goes by, if you demonstrate a sense of responsibility and maturity then the rules may be altered to give you more freedom.

Alternatively, if you screw up (not just with the phone) then you will forfeit the privilege.

By signing below you acknowledge that you have read and understand the rules laid out in this contract and agree to abide by them.



There you have it!  Do you have any rules for your child when it comes to a cell phone?


Kelly said…
These sound reasonable. I had similar rules/expectations, but never put them down in writing. I think that is a great idea!!