Supermom gets to talk to Daphne Brogdon of

This morning has been exciting!!  I did a Week in Review and as soon as it's uploaded I will publish it instead of making you wait until tomorrow.  Since Santa is watching me I thought I had better be on my best behavior.

Then as I was laying in bed breastfeeding Baby M the phone rings.  Guess who it was???????

Daphne Brogdon of

Yes, Daphne I did have a fabulous conversation with you while Baby M was having her naptime snack.  Multitasking at its best!!!  If anyone can do it, Supermom can. 

Daphne was super sweet on the phone.  She mentioned that she could talk to me all day because she loved my accent.  Do I really have a cute shy southern belle accent??  Ya'll would be honest with me, right?  HA HA!!  I couldn't resist with the YA'LL there.   Anyway....

We have something in common.  A blended family.  She is a step-parent and Superdad is a step-parent to two of my children from a previous marriage.  Step-parenting is complicated and takes lots of work.  Just think about the time that Hormonal Teenager starts to like her step-dad she will start to like me again as well.  I was once told that around 24 she would start to appreciate me again.  Is that true???

Since Daphne was once a stand-up comedian I told her becoming a parent must have given her lots of new material.  Kids will never let you down when it comes to comical behavior.  Kids do and say the funniest things.  I blog all about the adventures in this house!!  Well, that's why this blog exists!  My kids supply me with all this good stuff and I just couldn't keep it to myself!!

Okay. let me get to the nitty gritty as they say!  Daphne has partnered up with Mastercard and Upromise.
With todays economy woes they have come up with an awesome way to put a percentage of money into a special account for college.  You can click HERE to get all the information.

When I was asked if I would be a spokesperson for the Upromise World MasterCard it was a no brainer.  Everyone at some point uses a credit card, right?  Online purchases or rental cars -- you have to have one.  With the Upromise World MasterCard 1% of your purchases can go into your Upromise account and then be transferred into a 529 education fund for your child.  Or, if you need to pay off a student loan, you can use it for that. Also, if you go to you will find tons of businesses that give you money back into your education fund for making eligible purchases with them.

It's like a rebate. And you don't have to do it alone.  When grandma asks what junior wants you can say, "Well, he wants a train, but if you purchase it with this card you will also give mom what she wants -- help paying for his college."

It's pretty simple to explain to relatives.

 * Use your Upromise World MasterCard

       - Earn cash back in your Upromise account on everyday purchases.

 * Shop online through

       -  Get 1%-25% back from eligible purchases at more than 700 online retailers.

 * Eat at participating restaurants.

       - You can get up to 8% back from more than 8,500 restaurants

  * Go to the grocery store or drug store.

       - Get 1-3% back on thousands of eligible items when you scan a Upromise registered grocery or drug store card at checkout.
(this was part of a guestpost on the upromise site.)

Totally AWESOME, don't you agree???  We all use a credit card at one point or another so why not let a percentage go to a wonderful cause.  You children or grandchild's college fund!!!

So, go check out The Upromise® World MasterCard® credit card.

Thanks Daphne for the phone call this morning.  Call anytime.  I really think we could be BFF!!!   Maybe you could sing a song about us!!! 


Vanessa said…
So cool you got to talk to Coolmom!

sounds like a great time!