Sometimes life is all about the poop floating in your bath water.

I was trying to relax in a hot bath by myself, leaving the babies with Superdad and H.  They somehow let one get away.  She came to the bathroom wanting to share my bath.  Of course I let her because she is a fun bath playmate.  I was laid back just soaking my tired body in the water when I see something floating in the water.  I look at Baby M and she has GUILT all over her adorable face.  Then she cuts her eyes away from my glare.

SO, I laughed and said, "Yep, sometimes life is about poop floating in your bathtub."

Then I had to clean up the mess and start over from the beginning.  Such is life.

Again yesterday was a busy day for me.  Getting both kids from school and getting Lil O to The Jungle Book practice on time.  Plus it was a HUGE monsoon out there!!!!!!  I was pooped when I got home.  HA HA!!!  I couldn't resist.

I'm just thankful there was a fridge full of leftovers to feed the hungry kids.  I was in no mood to cook and reheating used all the energy I had.

I wanted to clear up a couple of things.  I got an email from a friend asking about the condoms and asking if it was the schools responsibility to hand them out.  I had to email the friend back to explain the condom talk was referring to my dream.  So, sorry if I confused any of you.  It's not the school's responsibility to teach my, or any, kids about sex and condoms.  However, it is their responsibility to teach them the TRUTH in the parenting class they offer.  Still no word from teacher X if you are wondering.

I did tell H about the emails and such.  At least she heard it from me first.  She was okay with it.  I explained to her that I wanted her learning the truth in school and I would do what I had to do for that to happen.  ~shrug~

Okay, this Supermom has work to do. 


Vanessa said…
Both my kids have done that at least once in the tub, luckly I wasn't in there!

I think that it's important that if kids are being taught some form of sex ed in the schools that the information that is given to them is not confusing. They are going to hear about sex from many different outlets, parents, friends, the media, teachers. There should be a least two places that are going to give the truth about sex and all that. Hopefully the family planning class (that's what it was called in my school) and the parents should be in sync cause you know the other places are just giving them info that is pure garbage!
Vanessa said…
So good for you sending the emails and getting involved!