So, now what?

I've written a book.  I guess it's finished.  So, now what??

I thought about making it an eBook....but I don't know.


I've got a headache and getting a cold.  Yipee, now that's what I call a fabulous MONDAY!  Superdad is sick along with Baby M and Lil O. 

I'm such a pathetic blogger.....cause this is all I got.


Buzzys Mama said…
What kind of book is it? You could look for a literary agent to get it published?
Supermom said…
I have written a comical parenting book that ties into this blog.

I'm rather funny at times.


I have the programs to upload the ebook and I could sell it that way. To get an agent I would have to dish out $$.

Perhaps, an agent would see the eBook and want to publish it into a real book.

I'm just trying to not spend money at the moment because there is none in the budget.
That's wonderful. I hope to read it someday (soon?).