The power, the power is off.

Our power eventually came on after noon today. I was able to watch the new Harry Potter. Loved it!!! I cannot wait to see the new movie next year.

I wish I had invested the time to read the books but I'm not going to start now.

Then after the movie the kids went out to play. I started dinner because I knew the power would eventually go off again because the snow was pouring down.

I was right!

About 5:15 the power said bye bye. Which totally sucks! There is like 12 inches of snow out there and the sky is falling with more.

The kids are hogging the couch with their game things and Ipods. I'm in the chair nursing Baby M. I hope she goes to sleep because she is rather confused with the darkness and is fussy. I can hear transformers blowing and see the dark sky light up when they do.

I still love the snow. I just wish power lines were in the ground like other states. It would make more sense and make life a bit easier.

Superdad is in bed resting. I'm thinking he's tired of the tap tap tap of the game things and hearing Beyonce belt out a tune.

Can't say I don't blame him.

I hope everyone is safe and warm. See ya in the morning.