The Others.

Part 3.  ~a tribute to Lost up there~

I'm not one to attend blog functions.  In fact I was just telling my friend that I'd rather not go to them.  I did get out of seclusion to go to a local blog gathering right at Halloween but that's about it.

Even if I am out and about I don't usually announce I'm a mom blogger unless I am comfortable with the person I am speaking to.  I know Superdad is super proud of me and tells people and of course my kids tell everyone if given the chance.

BUT when the Great Wolf Lodge invited us I just couldn't turn it down.  I knew it would be an awesome experience and the kids would have a BLAST!!!  SO we decided to pack up the minivan with four kids, a great grandmother and a great aunt and hit the road one cold Friday.

I just knew the other moms would be thinking, "Oh NO!!!!  There's that mom who blogs about poop, boogers and sex.  She thinks she is so cool."

Yanno, things like that.  ~gentle smile~

BTW, I know I'm totally cool.  HA HA!!

Anyway, the breakfast was yummy.  Even if Baby M spilled a WHOLE glass of water in my plate of food, in my purse and on my dress.  Guess what H did????  She went and fixed me a new plate with everything I had in my other plate!  Wasn't that awesome of her??  She does love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a photo taken BEFORE the water spillage.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Before I get critiqued on the awful green sweater that doesn't go with my fabulous black dress let me clear things up!  IT WAS FREAKING COLD in the banquet room.  I think I might have had icicles forming on me.  I hadn't planned on wearing the sweater for the pictures but it just turned out that way.

Here's the other mom bloggers.  Please forgive me but I cannot remember their names.  So, if you are one of these mom bloggers reading this post, yell at me in a comment and I'll get it added for you.

You already know which one is me. 

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

It was totally cool to be sitting at a reserved table rubbing elbows with the mayor.  Okay, technically we weren't rubbing elbows BUT his table was right beside mine.  That counts for something right?  If you are a country music fan then you might know of the group Highway 101?  We were able to hear them perform.  They were our after breakfast entertainment.  ~nodding, pretty good morning~

A few random pictures from Sunday at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Baby M, Supermom and H.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

This is Jennifer the PR Beauty that made my stay at the Great Wolf Lodge so enjoyable!  Isn't she so pretty?!?!?!?!?!?  I thought she was super nice and if I'd been given time I am sure we would have been BFF by the end of my stay.  Okay, I can dream can't I???!??!  I just like her and wanted you to know that.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Good bye Great Wolf Lodge!  We had an awesome time and hope you invite us back again soon.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC


That looks like you had fun. Very impressive.
Supermom said…
It was awesome fun!