Oh no she DIDN'T!!!!

Lil O ~ This kitchen is a mess!  You need to clean it up.

Yes, she was talking to me.

I've had a very trying day.

First, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I picked up a bag of powdered sugar and it BLEW all over me.  Hair, face, clothes and my shiny red shoes.  Really it did!!!  I had to clean myself off in the aisle.  You would have thought I was on a hidden camera or something.  I was laughing about it all!!!  Maybe that was a much needed stress relief.

Second, we saw the pediatric dentist with Baby M.  The doc is awesome!  She was nice and informative.  I had to hold back tears because they have tentatively scheduled her appointment January 19th I believe.  It will be at our hospital because they have to put Baby M to sleep to fix the four front teeth on top.  I am heartbroken over all of this.  Did I mention we don't have dental insurance?  This is going to cost thousands of dollars.  Nice, huh?  I have a handy dandy donate button over there if you want to start the Baby M dental fund.  Joking, but not really.  Right now it's difficult to spend thousands of dollars on anything.

I figure if I get 2000 people to donate only $2.00 then that will cover most of it.  Or 4000 people to donate only $1.00...  If you break it down like that then it's not that much to donate.  HA HA!!!  If Karyn can do it with her shopping debts then why can't I do if for Baby M's dental work?? I'm just sayin'..........

Okay, I am going to make some Rum Balls without the Rum.  I'm going to use some Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur that I already have in the kitchen.

YUMMMYYY!!  I'll try not to sip the liqueur too much while making the balls.  Perhaps a good drink and cry will do me good.


guurrrl said…
Frangelico is the best..... geeze I miss alcohol, LOL. I bet you were shocked when the sugar went everywhere!!!
Supermom said…
To say the least. I was on the phone with Anna getting the recipe to make the rum balls when it happened.

Lil O was like, "You have sugar all over your hair and face!"

Don't be so hard on yourself about the teeth. My son, now 9, was Baby M's age when his teeth were coming rotted up. And we still have cavity issues and from age 2 to age 6, we did not have dental issue and it was really rough. You might want to pick up when of those discount dental plans. I think AmeriPlan has one.
Anonymous said…
Don't be too tough on yourself about Baby M's teeth. I think it happens frequently. It's totally sad, though. I hate taking my two year old to the dentist!
Good Luck!