Oh HELL!! Might as well traumatize my four year old.

Supermom to Hormonal Teenager ~ They are going to put Baby M to sleep to fix those teeth.  It's going to be a very emotional day for me.

Lil O ~ They are going to put her to sleep?????

So we spent the next little bit explaining to Lil O that they were going to give Baby M some medicine to make her not scared so the doctor could fix those teeth.  


Mary said…
Ok MIchelle here is some more info to check about regarding your insurance coverage. Check with your medical insurance and see if any of this can be billed thru your medical ins. Such as the use of the hosptial and the doc giving as i call it the knock out drugs. also the use of the treatment room. It is worth it to see if your medical ins will cover part of the cost.Mandy had dental surg and our medical insurance covered it not our dental plan.
Supermom said…
Mary ~ They are checking into it. Since B's work changed insurance companies in November we aren't familiar with the new insurance group.

We are just being positive and will cross that bridge in January.

Thank you for all of your support!
Monica said…
O thinks being put to sleep is dieing it sounds like...Make sure when someone dies no one is saying they are sleeping.
Supermom said…
Monica -

Nah, she doesn't even really know about death or putting things to sleep.

She just overheard a conversation and was asking questions.
Mary said…
you are so welcome Michelle glad they are looking into it for you. Am having a sad day today.
Anniversary of my sis death the first year they say is the hardest.