New Years Resolutions.

Yeah, about that.  I don't make resolutions.  You shouldn't either.  Why set yourself up for failure and DISAPPOINTMENT?!?!?!? 

**I won't be giving up coffee so why lie about it.  I might cut back on a cup or two.  Doubt it though.

**The same goes for chocolate.  I love chocolate so why would I give up something that I enjoy.  Life is short so enjoy it!

**I won't be joining a gym either.  I didn't even like gym in school so why would I torture myself now?  Now, if I was single I might join a gym to meet attractive men BUT I doubt it.  When I was single before Superdad I didn't join a gym.  I worked beside one though.  Still didn't make it in the doors.

**I won't be giving up my cold beer either.  It's already light so what's to give up?  When I develop a beer belly then I MAY rethink my beer BUT until then it's not going to happen anytime soon.

That's all I got at this point.  Are you going to bother with setting yourself up for failure??


Keshia said…
I want to try to lose weight this year and get atleast to my pre-pregnancy weight. Hopefully 5 or 10 lbs below it. I don't really look at it as a resolution though because I've been saying it since last January when Coop was born. Lol We'll see if it actually happens!
Katie Mae said…
I don't think of resolutions as a set up for failure... I make resolutions that I really do have every intention on following through with.

I don't resolve to quit anything really; I look at it as a fresh start to be a better person.

I think this year... some of my resolutions are going to be to find something to volunteer with, pay more attention to myself and work on managing my money better.

With every good intention, I think I can accomplish this!
Katie Mae said…
This just reminded me... LOL!

Do you remember a blog I wrote about 4.5 years ago and listed things I wanted to do before I died? I put in there I wanted to go to jail, and I'll be damned... I did it!

Resolutions only happen if you REALLY intend on following through with them :)
Supermom said…
Keisha ~ Don't sweat the weight. I know you look gorgeous! It'll come off so don't worry. :)

WKRP ~ Well, I see we disagree. HA HA!! Year after year people set these "resolutions" for themselves and then get upset that they don't follow through.

Smoking, losing weight by joining a gym, not dating loser men, cutting back on the things they love the most, etc...

Year after year many people just shrug and say "fuck it" and move on.

So, instead of making resolutions just enjoy! Life is short so enjoy every minute of it.

I will drink my coffee, enjoy a cold beer and eat my chocolate because I know I am an awesome person with a great family. They don't care that I may need to lose a few pounds or could work on my OCD cleaning issues. They love me for me.

So, my New Years Resolution is to ENJOY LIFE, like I do anyway.
Happiness and awareness are necessary for health as well. Who wants to live without a brownie or a glass of wine now and again. Be happy about who you are and aware of those around you and what you bring into your body/mind. Happy 2010!