Mrs. X responds:

Mrs. Supermom,

I am H's Parenting teacher.  We are discussing pregnancy at this time in class and the steps involved in birth.  My doctor was ~his real name here~ the head of ~insert place here~ until two years ago.  He advised (as well as resources that I have read) that body bacteria and soap are in bath water and to guard against infection it is preferable to take showers instead of sit in the water.  I'm sure you realize that differences occur among physicians.  There are many "schools" of thought on any given number of subjects.  This was a point of discussion in which I identified as personal experience, identified that doctors differ, and stated that of course you would follow the directions of your own doctor.

I regret that there was a misunderstanding.  H is a wonderful young lady
and a fine student.

Teacher X

I responded:

Thank you for your quick response.  It's great to hear that H is a great student.  She really enjoys having you as a teacher.

My concern is that these kids are being given "outdated" information.  Since I am a Certified Birth Doula I am aware of how doctors do things differently as each year passes when things are understood better.

I just don't want to unnecessary "scare" the girls that will eventually have a baby.

Thank you for your time.

The End.


S. Michael said…
Good response. :-)
Well, one thing for sure teachers know how to handle themselves. However, you were right in addressing this issue. Way to go Michelle!
Supermom said…
I agree. I'm glad I addressed it and glad that I was able to talk to the teacher.