** It is snowing **

School was canceled today due to the threat of snow. I went about my business cleaning house. No, I wasn't doing it to get away from the kids no matter what they might say.

"Mom, why are you cleaning with a toothbrush? Come sit in here with us."


Then the power went off. Figures since I had just started the washer and dryer. Thankfully I had a cup off coffee to enjoy.

So, the kids are bickering. I'm in bed with Baby M as she tries to tell knock knock jokes.

It has stopped snowing at the moment but is supposed to snow through tomorrow. Superdad
is at work even though I called to tell him to come home because the roads are getting bad.

I love my Blackberry!


Mrs Furious said…
You all don't have power?! We're fine here.
Bundled up the kiddos and sent them on their way. They were out there for a good hour and a half.
Bliss for me ;)
Supermom said…
It just came back on Mrs F!

I thought I was going to have to start drinking!!! The kids are totally taking me out of my happy place. LOL
You can bring the kids over here. I have power still.
Supermom said…
Well, come pick us up because the power is off again.