I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

or something close to that anyway.

This is what our weather looks like for the next couple of days.

Pretty exciting huh???  Well, except the kids missing a day of school and being home with me all day right before Christmas vacation.  Other than that though.  

I've got my days all mixed up.  I know it's a day that ends in Y but other than that I am unsure of the exact day.

Yesterday I took hormonal teen to get her hair cut.  Teenage girls and their hair!  O.M.G.  She spends HOURS on her hair.  Either she is curling it or straightening it.  It's crazy!!!!  So got a wild idea about getting it cut shorter.  There's a style where is it shorter in the back but gets longer as you come around to the face on both sides.

Like this:

After having several INCHES cut off she didn't quiet make it to that short.

She was all freaked about all the hair in the floor and had to stop.  Maybe next time she will go shorter since she will be used to her new short hair.  I think it looks fabulous on her!!!!!!

Girls and our hair.  I have no problem just buzzing my hair off.  I love super short hair.  It suits me.  I don't feel any less of a woman with short hair.  I LOVE SHORT HAIR!!!


Monica said…
I think her hair looks great... Going shorter may have made her heart stop. I think this is a good look and she can still pull it back if she wants to.
guurrrl said…
Oh her hair looks FAB!!!!
Kelly said…
Her hair is beautiful!

I love short hair...on other people. On you it is wonderful, on me...not so much. I think face shape has a lot to do with it.

My daughter cut her long hair off about a year ago and went with the shorter in the back with the longer sides look until she realized that she doesn't really like it and has started growing it back! I guess that is the beauty of hair...it grows back!