I learned something about myself.

I'm addicted to my Blackberry.  OKAY, I knew this already but I didn't want to admit it outloud.  Or to you.  Really I didn't want to admit it to Superdad.

My Blackberry has been acting up for about a week so I get the bright idea to upgrade it on their Verizon Wireless website.  Yeah, I shouldn't have done that.

After the upgrade the phone is SLOW and my browser went POOF!  I cannot connect to the Internet, Facebook or work with my email.  I was so frustrated because of everything else I have been dealing with.

DAMN YOU BLACKBERRY for causing addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this morning I hand my beloved phone over to Superdad so he could take it to the Verizon store to restore to the original settings and fix my browser back.  SNIFF!!!!  I miss you Blackberry.  You've been my constant friend for almost two years.  You have been my light in the dark, even helping me find my way through our dark house at times.  You have entertained me for hours while I have been in carpool waiting for the kids.  You have helped me update my Facebook status when I was bored.  You have even helped me Google recipes when I was at the store and forgot what my recipe required.

~shrug~  It could be worse.  I could be addicted to beer and chocolate.  Oh wait, I already am.  Oh well, such is life.

**Then Superdad calls to tell me about THIS!!!!  Who said I was a patient person to begin with?!??!?  So maybe it wasn't my phone.  But now it is because I messed it up.  HA HA!!!  I have to laugh about this.**


Gail said…
I was all sorts of mad. I didn't get any e-mail, text messages, phone calls even. However I did have to to to, "Manage Connections" to turn my services back on. Hmmmm yeah I think I am addicted too.
Supermom said…
Well, we are AMONG friends Gail!

Keshia said…
I was irritated all night! I wondered if it was wide spread or just here in Tennessee. Guess it was wide spread! But now I'm back on my BB so yay!