I dreamed of condoms last night.

Really I did. It was on my mind before I went to bed. I was thinking in a funny way that the teachers could give the kids condoms all during their day at school. When they call attendance names, when they get a good grade, when they get a bad grade, when they change classes, when they go to lunch they can place one on their tray, when they check a book out, etc…

So, I dreamed about condoms last night. I was really upset yesterday when I wrote that blog post. I have calmed down a bit. I just don’t want to have any conflict with H because she is being taught something not true at school. Like any parent I want what is best for my child. I may call the principal today to have his ear for five minutes. Not to fuss about the teacher in general but about what is being told to my child and how I have to correct it when she tells me what she has learned in class for the day.

I still think we should hand out condoms. What would it hurt?? ~gentle smile~

Today, what’s the plan? I am going to dust the house. Add a bunch of things to the ETSY shop. Take O to Jungle Book practice. Keep peace among the kids.

Here's a picture I snapped last night of Baby M with her baby:

glow worm

Yes, she is sleeping in a Dora bathing suit.  I was packing for our weekend trip and she saw O's bathing suit and since she has a HUGE DORA CRUSH she took it and will not take it off.  

What are your plans for the day?


Baby M is adorable sleeping. Yes, they are all adorable sleeping.

Stop dreaming of condoms. My husband and I never have time for each other so I dream of hunks at night. :)
Supermom said…
LOL I will try!!!!!!!!