I breastfed the Glow Worm. I can check it off my master list now.

Baby M loves her Glow Worm.  She calls it her baby.  It's rather adorable.  So, last night I was nursing her as she held her baby.  She stopped nursing and put her baby up to my breast.  She then told me, "Baby wants ninny."


So, I breastfed the Glow Worm.  Exciting huh?  Here I was worried about nursing my four year old!!!!!  Silly me.

Being a parent is always fun and entertaining.  Don't you think?

Yesterday, Anna came over to make RUM BALLS!!!!  We had a nice time doing that.  We only sampled them twice to make sure the batches were edible!  They were.  I have already finished off the ones that Anna left for me.  They were awesome.  I want to make some now!  I'm adding the ingredients to my shopping list for next week.   Yummmmmmmmmmy!

I was so busy yesterday I felt really bad.  I had so many things on my list.  It was a bit overwhelming BUT I got everything checked off.  I then retired to bed with my heating pad and Blackberry.  HA HA! 

I feel like a truck backed up and hit me!  Damn you mother nature!!!!!!!!!  I was going to rest today but guess what???  B has a tummy ache and stayed home from school.  That's what I get for looking forward to a relaxing day.   Sorry Mrs F about not having you over today!  Instead of making out with my heating bad I get to make sure B2 doesn't throw up on the couch!!!!  Don't you wish you were still able to stop by????  NOT!

I leave you with a few things I have been working on.

ETSY ~ OnlyOllie


The glow worm and the rum balls will be in my thoughts all day long. Damn you.
Supermom said…
That's disturbing Michael! HA HA!!!!