I am not weird.

Due to the recent snow storm, being stuck in a house without power.  Then celebrating the holidays with family and friends we have been busy.  Now we are sick.  FUN FUN!!!

I was sitting at the table the other day rubbing my arms and playing with the stubble under my arms.  I won't mention that I haven't shaved in a week or so.  Legs or under my arms.  I love the way it feels.  Your skin is so sensitive and when you brush against the stubble it feels good.  Whatever, don't roll your eyes at me.

So, today I tell Superdad that I shaved my legs and under my arms.  You know, just in case we both get lucky for New Years.  I was trying to explain how having the hair was a nice feeling.  Like when someone rubs their hands through your hair type thing.  He totally wasn't getting it because he is losing his hair.  He was like, "NO, I don't know what you mean by that."  HA HA!!!

He then told me, "YOU need to get out of the house more."

How rude!!!

Seriously, I am not weird.  I miss the stubble under my arms and on my legs.  Yes, I love having smooth legs but when the hair grows back I will find myself rubbing my legs because of the feelings it brings.

Am I the ONLY one who thinks this way????????  Be honest!!!


Melissa said…
No, you're not the only one that feels that way! I don't think I have shaved all winter, my husband doesn't complain because he uses my stubble for scratching. LOL If I didn't break out in such a rash from shaving, i'm sure I would shave more, but then what would I use to scratch in the middle of the night?
Monica said…
Nope not me...If I could afford it I would have under arm and leg hair removed forever