Good Monday Morning

I've been up and down with Lil O complaining of a headache. She's up now and feeling fine. Since the CABLE and INTERNET are still down we are watching movies through the XBOX 360. Wouldn't you know our dvd player DIED last week!!!

~shaking head~

Superdad is venturing to work today and I have to clean this house. Since we've had power our house has been a nice warm getaway for food and showers to those without power. I have a huge mountain of towels to wash and assorted things to clean up.

I cannot believe Christmas is this week. It may be a white Christmas after all.

Okay, must hook up the coffee IV and entertain the kids.

Stay warm and safe!


Keshia said…
Can you believe my hubby won't let us play Pooh for Cooper on his Xbox 360?? He says it will cause "the red ring of death" but the hours and hours he spends playin it won't?? Lol
Supermom said…