Girls and boys just want to have fun.

Part 2.

I had a minute since the BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS Dora is on.  The one where Swiper is on the naughty list.  So, I am using the TV to babysit Lil O, Baby M and Hormonal Teenager!  HA HA!!

The Great Wolf Lodge has this gigantic INSIDE water park.  You name it and they have it.  It's awesome.  They even have lifeguards walking around!  I was super impressed!  We all were.

Here's a picture of Lil O having a blast.  Don't worry if you forget your babes swim vest because they have an assortment for you to use!!!  Free of charge!

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

This is how we roll.  We had already been in the pool earlier.  I was walking around hoping that Baby M would drift off to sleep.  She didn't.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Look who stole Santa's seat!!!!

H, Supermom and Lil O.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

I'm on the GOOD LIST Santa I promise!!!  See how relaxed I look?

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Lil O and B2.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

I have family that lives in Charlotte so they were able to come up one night for dinner.  Superdad and my uncle aren't in the picture but "the girls" are.

Baby M, Supermom, Lil O, Aunt Pat, H, Great Aunt K and My Mamaw.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

We had a fabulous time.  Be sure to look for our gold colored bracelets.  When you check in you are given bracelets.  They open your room door, get you into the pool, let you purchase things in gift shops and the assorted other stores in the lodge.  You can even swipe your bracelet to charge the vending machines to your room.  Ours are GOLD because we were VIP guests.  Every one else had on blue.  :)  Pretty cool I tell you.

I wonder if I continue to wear mine I will be treated like royalty???  I would never hurt to try, right?

Oh the kissing the beer picture.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

It was a Saturday night.  I was tired.  My mamaw and aunt were wearing me down.  It was like I was entertaining SIX kids.  I was tired when we made it to the restaurant to eat.  I asked our server if they had alcohol and when she told me I breathed, "Thank God."  She got a kick out of it.  So, when it arrived I had to give it a kiss!  I've been told by Renee that this is a picture of the year!