My letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

I thought it was about time I sat down to write you a letter.  You know that I love this time of year even though it is very wild and crazy.  I've never been one to commercialize this holiday.  I know the real meaning of Christmas and maxing out my credit cards isn't part of my tradition.  I don't want my children to learn that from me.

The kids have been great and I know they are on the "nice" list.  They may have their moments but all in all they are truly terrific kids.  You know what I say to be true.

This year they haven't asked for much.  They don't even know what they are getting from us on this special day.  Or from you.  I love having it be a surprise!!!!!  Makes it all the merrier.

This year Lil O is going to make you some homemade oatmeal cookies.  I hope Superdad doesn't eat them all before you get here with your goodies.  I will try to guard them just for you.   Okay?

I have one small request.  I've had a difficult year emotionally and I am trying to get to my happy place.  Today has been a good day BTW.  Oh, my request.  Please fill my stocking with lots and lots of these bites of heaven:  The Barcelona Bar.

I think they are just the best candy bar ever made!!!!  The smoked almonds, sea salt and chocolate.  O.M.G.  Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Santa,


I hope you get what you want from Santa.
KimmyD said…
I'm not a big chocolate person but that does sound good! Hope he gets your letter in time. :-)
Supermom said…
Thank you Mikey! Can I call you Mikey?

Congrats on having a boy!!!!!!

Kimmy ~ THEY ARE AWESOME little bars of heaven.
If you were a man or a single woman, it would sound condescending, but since you're a mother, 'Mikey' is perfectably acceptable.

Oh, I borrowed your 'letter to Santa' idea. Merry Christmas!