The day after...

It seems that every year it takes FOREVER for Christmas to get here then POOF it's the day after.  Right now I am enjoying a hot cup of coffee while the tree twinkles and Lil O is serenading me with her Princess Vanity, which isn't a vanity after all, it's a piano.  Lucky US!  Who wouldn't want to be serenaded to Princess music at 7 AM?!?!??!  Dare I ask that?

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family this year.  It really is a blessing to just be together and socialize.  The past couple of years we have started a tradition where my mamaw and great aunt come over Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and to open presents together.  I will fix breakfast and we will just sit around in our pj's and let the kids play.

The kids are loving Rock Band!  I am tooo.  I've tried the drums a few times.  It's harder than it looks I admit.  I went in thinking, "Oh, that's easy!  I can do that!"  Yeah, well I was wrong.  I think with some practice when NO ONE is home and I can jam out that I will become a Rock Band PRO!  That will have to be a Week in Review video for you!

There goes that Princess Vanity again!!!!!!  Damn you Santa.  Oh wait, I helped Santa with that one.  Hmmm, those were new AA batteries so I am screwed!!!!!!

H & B2 will be heading to New Jersey today with their dad to visit with their in-laws.  I hope they have a safe adventure!  I will miss them like crazy.  They will be home next week.  (So, I can jam out to Rock Band without an audience.)  I'm going to use their absence as a time to clean out their closets and start my YEARLY January Goodwill pile.  Every year after Christmas I get this urge to clean and get rid of useless things that have accumulated.  I can do it without them looking over my shoulder.  Hey, they haven't missed anything so far over the past several years in my yearly purge.

I leave you with this one question and I expect you to answer it if you're taking the time to read this blog.

What will you miss most since Christmas is over?


Melissa said…
My two week Christmas vacation :( It ends Jan 3rd and I'm not looking forward top going back to work!