Countdown to Christmas.

I couldn't resist looking this morning to see how many days until the big guy comes to town.

I'd like to thank everyone for all the comments here and on facebook about the puppy and the emails. It's still a touchy subject here. He's still being DIFFICULT and I'm upset about the position I am in. I've never gone against something he has voiced his opinion about. But now I am really thinking about it.

That hurts me terribly.

We both live in this house and I respect his decisions. I just would like him to do the same for me. Let's be honest here. We all know who will be the dogs primary care giver. ME! I am home 24 hours of the day and everyone else isn't. Everyone else in this house has a life and such. My life is here at this house. I want a dog that is mobile. One I can pick up and let ride in the minivan while we get the kids from school. One that can sleep at the end of the bed. One that can enjoy my four kids. Even if Lil O dresses him up as a princess and pushes him around in her doll stroller. A small dog is needed in this house for many reasons.

I am tired of stating my case. I'm going to go drink coffee and clean the house. Typical Monday.


Melissa said…
I'm sorry Superdad and you aren't seeing eye to eye on the puppy. We love our dogs and they love us. The have enriched our lives so much and have taught our children so much.

Maybe this will help. I cook for my dogs and save quite a bit of money doing so. I can get a bag of fish or tuna stored in water, rice or barley for under a dollar a bag, and add whatever veggies are handy and cook them all together. For $5.00 I can feed both of my dogs for a week! I'm also giving them a healthy alternative to dog food. THe recipes online for dog food are plentiful for sure. Run that by superdad! Just another thing to add to your list of skills!
Supermom said…
Thanks Melissa.