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The Adventures of Supermom takes the Superhero Family to the Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, North Carolina

How'd ya like that long title up there?  HA HA!!

I have so much to tell and twenty something photos to share!  Where do I start first?  The beginning I know.  This may contain several parts.  Depending on how long the kids will let me type at the moment.

It all starts out with that fabulous invite that I got back in October.  Just click this sentence to read all about it and to see a few pictures.

Friday we left Asheville after lunch.  We had to collect the kids from school first.  We were all excited about the short two hourish drive to the Winter Snowland that was awaiting us at the Great Wolf Lodge.  

We checked in and checked out the awesome room first!  The kids were excited to see the cabin in the room.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

To the left is a single bed for H.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

To the right is bunk beds for Lil O and B.  Between them was their own TV and nightstand.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Here's Baby M standing on H's bed looking out the cabin window.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

This is a picture of the beautiful fireplace in the lobby. We were able to sit in front of it and enjoy the warmth.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Here's a picture of Lil O, H and B2.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Here's a cool ice sculpture for the Saturday night festivities.

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

It was awesome.  Saturday night the Great Wolf Lodge kicked off their Christmas celebration.  The Mayor and Santa even made a special visit for the tree lighting ceremony.  No Santa isn't the Mayor by the way.  I wanted to clear that up before anyone asked.  There were so many people to enjoy this wonderful event. 

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC

Part 2 coming tomorrow.


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It looks like a great family place! It's now on my to do list!