Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A simple blog on a Wednesday morning.

Good Morning Supermom Fans!!!!

I've been busy in the kitchen and working on my first prototype crocheted project.  Since Superdad is still on his SCD Diet I begrudgingly made him more almond flour bread.  Ha Ha!!  You know I must love that man to do this after I fussed the first time with the results.  I tried a Lemon Poppy Seed bread sweetened with honey.

Almond Flour Bread

Since I now know how the almond flour will cook I was able to get a better idea and not get the bread over cooked.

Remember Gail and the 365 Creative Challenge??  I wanted to make Gail some special bread just for her.  She is diabetic and not eating flour products at this time soooooo I whipped up some special bread just for her.

Almond Flour Pear Bread sweetened with Splenda.

Almond Flour Pear Bread with Splenda

I will be taking them to the post office today to mail.

I've been a busy Supermom.  I have even started on baking my pear bread to give as gifts.  I have three loaves to put in the freezer today and I will be making more today after I buy more oil.  Being in the kitchen may be hectic because the kids always want to be there with me but I find it relaxing.  I get a lot of joy when I bake and create.

Speaking of creating...  About a week ago before I drifted to sleep I had an idea come to mind.  I am surprised I even remembered it when I woke up but I am glad I did.  I started working on my first prototype and I am very impressed at how it's turning out.

My Snuggle Bunny ©

My Snuggle Bunny ©

Today I will work on the face, putting it together and sewing on a trim.


See, I have been busy.

Nothing to report on the BF front.  I am guessing that's a good thing.  Or at least I hope so.  Okay, must go get busy.  LOTS to do.
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