8 Days until Christmas?!??!

WOW!!!  You wouldn't get that vibe if you were at the Superhero house that is for sure.

Yesterday I drowned myself in reviews and company.  Anna came over for morning coffee and Renee came over after dinner.  ~sniff~  They love me.  I enjoyed both visits.

B2 woke up during the night with a sick tummy.  Which brings me up to a subject, do you lose some of your brain cells when you are sick?  Because he comes into our room to tell me he thinks he's going to throw up and just stands there looking at me.  "Well, go to the bathroom."  Duhhh!!  I thought that made perfect sense to me.

Sick tummy = Go to bathroom immediately.

He woke up feeling better so he went on to school. 

Okay, must go be Supermom.


Kelly said…
What??!! I am so not ready!!